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Get back to cell from home.

Posted by Jerry on October 28, 2000 4:36 PM

Without splitting the screen. Lets say I'm in cell bj10
and I want to take a quick look at a10 and I HIT HOME ,is there a key I hit to get back to bj10 without scrolling back ?

Posted by thomas venn on October 30, 2000 2:24 PM

try F5

Posted by jerry on October 30, 2000 2:48 PM

Thats not the one to get me back to cell from where I came.

Posted by Jerry on October 31, 2000 5:15 AM

Re: Get back ,no key I guess

No key command I guess?

Posted by john on October 31, 2000 3:09 PM

Or you could make a temporary hyperlink