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Good reference material...

Posted by Josh Avila on December 26, 2001 10:00 AM

This is the thrid post i've made to this message board. the previous 2 have helped me in creating a simple db tool for excel. i could not have done this without the help i've received from people on here. I just wanted to thank those who have helped me...

My question is this. I am new to the world of VBA, matter of fact, the last "programming language" i learned was about 12 years ago, pascal. I don't recall a lot of that information, and recall more about BASIC. I'm looking for any books, URL's, CBL cd's, or newsgroups that some of you more advanced users of VBA might have used in the past or currently use that might help me with future projects. i'm looking for more beginner stuff, as I have only been at this for about a month now. currently i have a copy of VBA for Dummies (most current), this site, Chip Pearson's site, and Russell (one of Santa's helpers that lurks this site to help you guys out). I'd like to stop bothering Russell so much, i'm sure he's getting sick of all my questions already ;)

thanks in advance...

Posted by Jacob on December 26, 2001 10:05 AM (NT)

Posted by Jack in UK on December 26, 2001 11:07 AM

Hi Josh--
Good idea, i refer often to Dave Hawley, he used to post on here but nowhas his own company with the help of his wife

I find the free site has so much VBA and formulas, with tips and ticks i often return to view, Tell Dave if your intrested that a guy from London put you forward to job his NewsLetter which is free Dave will email you monthly, i receive as well, covers all the good stuff VBA as well and your learn FAST

Dave a good guy, yes im in communication with Dave in Western Australia and find he has taught me so much, you can join free on his site by email subject Add Me and he will,

Before i give the wrong message Dave does try to help people but his paid work comes first and cant reply to everyone, so dont be diaspointed, but newletter yopu will get easy, Dave love Excel and loves helping.

Also he sells book some detail on the web, if you not in Austrail best you ask him as i do niot know who he works on overseas.

Good luck.
Jack (PS Jack is not my real name but Dave knows me as in fom London) Sorry i have a very silly name.