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How do I link a cell to my work book

Posted by EJ the confused on June 14, 2000 8:17 AM

This is probably really easy, but im well confused..

I have a Cell (Formulard Total)on Sheet1 of my work book, How do I link this cell (i.e. the total of the sheet figured out on Sheet1) to the other pages of my work book (So the total shows on the other pages?)

Also, can I link that cell to other workbooks? Me thinks not, but would be most grateful for some help!


E.J the Blonde!

Posted by Ryan on June 14, 0100 8:35 AM

Hey Blonde,

The easiest thing to do is to name the cell the original information is in. To do this go to Insert -> Name -> Define when you have highlighted the cell. Put in a name that you can reference it by. Whenever you want another cell to be linked to it, just type in "=" and then the name of the cell. I.E. I have a cell named Location. On another page i want that information to show up, so in the cell i typed "=Location". And that's all she(he) wrote. Good luck