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I want text to appear automatically at the top of every page

Posted by Jennifer on December 22, 2000 12:37 PM

I have two rows of text that I've typed, and I want it to appear at the top of every page, automatically.

I want the first row (a big, merged cell, which I made my workbook title), as well as the next row of cells (column titles) to appear autmatically at the top of every page--any hints on how to do that?

I tried the Header option, but it won't let me a) do colors nor b)type in those titles for every column

Thanks! Jennifer

Posted by SJC on December 22, 2000 3:11 PM

When you do Page Setup, click on the Sheet tab (instead of the Header/Footer tab). Move the cursor to the "Rows to Repeat at Top" box and specify the rows you want to have repeated on each page. Make sure that these rows are contiguous and complete rows.