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Is there a shortcut?

Posted by Lisa on March 12, 2000 10:12 PM

I'm filling in a large database organized by patient's last name. I'm using the form function to do this. My problem is this: I have to use the mouse to scroll back to the top of the database or when I put in new search criteria to find the next patient, it will only search from the last patient down. Is there a keyboard shortcut to move the cursor back to the top of the page within the form function or another trick someone knows of? Thanks for the help.

Posted by Celia on March 13, 2000 5:00 AM

Am not familiar with “form function” but if you want to move the cursor up, try pressing (at the same time) CTRL and the Up Arrow. I think this will do what you want.
You might also like to see what happens when you press CTRL+SHIFT+Up Arrow

Posted by Lisa on March 13, 2000 3:25 PM

Hi Celia...I'm new at this and may be calling it the wrong name...I go to data in the tool bar and then choose form.

Thanks for the shortcut! Lisa

Posted by Celia on March 14, 2000 1:13 AM

I don't recall ever having used this tool and had forgotten it was available.
Looks useful - thanks for re-introducing it to me.