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Making a function available throughout Excel

Posted by Billy on February 10, 2002 5:56 PM

I have downloaded a function which I would like to have available in any workbook I open. How can I make this happen? Thanks.

Posted by Virendra Malik on February 10, 2002 9:10 PM

Open the module in the Excel worksheet. (You can do it bu using the key stroke ALT-F11). In the module form, insert your function. Close the mdule and save the worksheet. This function would now be available for use

Try it. if you have any problem, you can come back to me.

Posted by Sam S on February 11, 2002 2:39 AM

Billy, You need to take this a few steps further if you want your function available for all workbooks - make sure you create your function eg.
Function NameIt(your funtion)
End function
into a blank workbook, and then save the file as an Add-in from the drop down list. There will be no need to save Book1 when prompted. Next go to Tools - Addin - Browse and select your funtion "Nameit" and your function will be available for all workbooks from now on.