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Multiple copies of Excel file

Posted by Dori Ordos on August 22, 2000 8:36 AM

I have a mystery...I have a budget workbook that I have been working with for several weeks. Today, something ??? happened that caused two copies of the workbook to open simultaneously. They appear as "custom-oo;1" and "custom-oo;2" in the header. However, if I close one, they both close. If I try to reopen the file, they both reopen. I cannot open just one!!! Help...does anybody know what causes this and, more importantly, how I can stop it from happening????

Thanks in advance for the help!!!!

Posted by Michael Liu on August 23, 0100 6:38 AM

This is a common "problem". What happened
is at some point, someone went to the "Window"
menu and selected "New Window". This is sometimes
used so that you can see different worksheets of
the same workbook on the screen. You'll have to
close one of the windows in a certain way to get
rid of it. Instead of closing the file, try clicking
on the X box in the upper right corner (not the topmost
one that will close Excel, but the one below it that
corresponds to that file window). You should be left
with only one window open of the file. Save and you
are set.