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Multiple items in the cell link of Combo-boxes

Posted by Anders on October 10, 2000 2:33 AM

I wonder if it is possible to choose several options in a combo list in an easy way? As far as I know (not very far..) you may only specify a single output in the combo-boxes' cell link. I read J. Knicely's contribution Oct 9th - but I would like to by-pass the VBA editor as much as possible.

Posted by Jim Knicely on October 10, 2000 6:35 AM

Are you asking if you can make multiple selecctions from the drop-down list for a combo box? If so, than no, there is no way that I know of ... because that's the way the combo box is defined ... there is no 'selection type' property for it as there is for the list box control. Maybe you can do a combination of a list box, and a combo box on the form? Each time the user selects or types an item into the combo box, you can have a list box sitting next to it showing the multi selected item ... sounds weierd, though.