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Not enough system resources

Posted by Sherry Booker on November 29, 2000 12:04 PM

We are getting an error message (Not enough system resources) when we leave an Excel file open and the screen saver begins. The computer has 64 meg RAM. The file size is about 2.5 meg. This system is on Windows 95. The screensaver being used is the 3D pipes.

Any ideas?

Posted by Ben O. on November 29, 2000 9:34 PM

Try closing all other applications before opening the spreadsheet. 64 megs of RAM should be enough for a spreadsheet of that size.


Posted by tim butler on December 01, 2000 3:08 AM

If you have a lot of graphs in your workbook and AutoChartFontScaling is on you may be using a lot of resources - unfortunately the only way I know of turning it off involves editing the registry. If oyu get desperate I'll post the registry path.