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opening large file? Help

Posted by Natalie on March 08, 2001 8:49 AM

a new peer to peer (only 2 pc's)with Office 97 Professional 10/100 network with hub w98se - new PIII PC's with 128mb RAM.

I can open all other excel files across the network except ones created by copying a certain original for each month. These are rather large (5mb). They are workbooks with several sheets. Excel hangs everytime. Is this just the nature of the beast with large files or should I be able to open this and it is a problem in the workbook itself? The sheet was written several years ago by the accountant, it's probably been through numerous upgrades and conversions, but has always functioned fine. It will open as long as it isn't across the network.

HELP this is our most critical file!

Posted by VT on March 08, 2001 10:03 AM

Your problem seems to be with the "bottleneck" in your network. Many other applications have problems opening very large file across networks also, not just Excel. While this is not a direct solution for this kind of problem, this workaround method should work:

Try copying the very large file over to your local hardrive FIRST, then open it with (locally-installed) Excel. That is, have both Excel and the large worksheet on your local hard drive BEFORE opening the large file.