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Record # of times a macro is used

Posted by Jason on July 21, 2000 8:35 AM

My company has a pc with an Excel spreadsheet open on it which allows users to do specific calculations. It is opened to an instructional sheet and pressing CTRL+A takes you to the calculation sheet. We want to record the amount of times the CTRL+A is used. Any suggestions? Thanx.

Posted by Ryan on July 21, 0100 8:47 AM


You can have it setup so that when CTRL+A is hit, the macro adds 1 to a number in say A1000 or AA1, just some cell that is off in the distance. That would be the easiest way. Hope this helps!


Posted by Jason on July 21, 0100 10:54 AM

I'm new to macros. Any info on how I would do this would be appreciated.

Posted by Ryan on July 21, 0100 11:06 AM


If you have access to the original code that takes the user to the other sheet, go ahead and post it and I'll add in what needs to be added if you would like.