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Sheet Efficiency & Size

Posted by Phill P on September 30, 2001 3:07 AM

I work in a large international bank and am responsible for producing the daily profit & loss report for the global operation - the spreadsheet that does this is currently a bit of a dinosaur and so I have made a new slimline one with more functions that I am rather proud of - for example I have managed to avoid VLookups almost comletely, opting instead for Sumifs and Array (CSE) formulae - basically I am after any general tips on reducing file size and or increasing calculation efficiency - one interesting idea I had was is it possible to reduce the size of worksheets as most of mine do not have more than 4000 lines per sheet and less than columns AZ:AX - would removing all the excess area help?

Any help much appreciated - This is my first post to the board.


Posted by Mark W. on October 01, 2001 5:36 AM

Take a look at...