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Text cut off in cell

Posted by Dale on June 26, 2001 9:26 AM

HELP ME! I seem to hit a wall in the amount of text that will appear or print in a cell. I haven't counted every character, but at somewhere around 1200 characters the screen won't display the rest of the text. And even if I widen the column to get it all to show, when I print the text gets cut off, and no amount of manipulation gets it to print. How do I get a cell to display and print unlimited text??? Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Tom Morales on June 26, 2001 11:25 AM

Dale - Sadly, you've banged your head against one of Excel's limits. You can have up to 32,767 characters in a cell, but only 1,024 display in that cell. By way of consolations, all 32,767 display in the formula bar.

You also have a limit in row height, 409 points.


Posted by Dale on June 26, 2001 1:07 PM

Thank you! Believe it or not, I'm relieved. I thought I just didn't know how to format a cell!! I guess I'll have to edit the text to keep it below 1024. Thanks again!

Posted by IML on June 26, 2001 1:51 PM

Before you start a cut and paste fest, you may want to play around with formulas such as
You can then copy paste special values over them.

good luck.