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time conversion

Posted by gerrit on November 01, 2001 1:29 AM

Hi there,

I am new to Excel and now I have to convert a number into hours and minutes. The number is the total ammount of minutes.

This should be easy but right now I can't get it right. Probably someone who is reading this (and is laughin') can tell me how to do this?

Posted by Ian Mac on November 01, 2001 1:54 AM

if the value is in cell A1 in B2 put =A1/1440

a bit about time:

if you take the number 13 for eg.

1) dividing it by 24 Excel will change it to hours because there are 24hr in the day

i.e. 13/24 with the cell formatting set to time h:mm:ss = 13:00:ss, 13 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds
but if you do 13.5 / 24 you'll get 13:30:00 being that .5 is 30 minutes

2) dividing it by 1440 will give you minutes, as 24*60 (24hours*60minutes) = 1440

3) dividing it by 86400 will give you seconds. 24*60*60 (hrs*mins*secs)

You can change them back to numbers by multiplyng by the same numbers.

Any help to you?

Ian Mac