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Excel cannot locate internet server

Posted by Jim Goodman on July 21, 2001 12:44 PM

I was able to click on a cell which contained a hyerlink and the program would automatically open the internet server and locate the site.

Now I click on the cell and if the internet server is not running, I get "unable to open http://www.????? cannot locate the internet server or the proxy server".

How do I get this function back on my Excel program?

Thank you for your help in advance

Posted by BARRETT (South London - England) on July 21, 2001 3:44 PM

Put the hyperlink back in place, i advise everyone i know any formula VBA script, or nick nack to log them all in some way TXT file Excel what evr in case you loose them you can drag up an old back up and bastardise it, i have no WWW at work or Email at home i know odd but true...

Set http\\ as a hyperlink err inset| hyperlink sorry you need the WWW bit your self but the text wil lgo blue and click it and bingo

Else in E2000 these is a tool bar WEB and log the fav site in favourates...

Hope that helps.. on the server front will be S\:Public\Microsoft_Programs\Iexplore.exe to get IE5 to fire on Hyperlink this will not work you need to polish, the Company IT will tell the the correct ULR Address.