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Hyperlink problems

Posted by Mark Chalkley on December 07, 2001 2:00 AM

I am using hyperlinks as a means of navigation between a large number of files (.xls,.doc, .vsd etc). An Excel spreadsheet and a Word document are critical to the organisation of the system. When I hyperlink from Excel to the Word document no problem, but this causes the workbook to autohide. Further more, hyperlinking out from the Word document to other files causes the Word document to close automatically.
My hyperlinked system will eventually very large and I feel cannot progress till I have bottomed this problem.

Posted by Mudface on December 07, 2001 2:37 AM

I had the same problem and there isn't really an easy way around it. You can use Alt-Left Cursor Arrow to get back to your original document, but this is a bit of a pain.

The source file will 'hide' itself if it is 'clean' ie hasn't been changed since the last save. To prevent this in Word, I used a macro run when it opens to toggle the first line to Bold and back again. For Excel, I included a =NOW() formula in a hidden cell. Both will make the document or spreadsheet think it's 'dirty' and has been changed since the last Save and hence keep it open. I'd be interested to know if there's a better way around this, too.

Posted by Mark Chalkley on December 07, 2001 8:27 AM

As you say perhaps not the most ideal solution to the problem; but one that works nevertheless. Thanks