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Lock all Links in Excel 2000

Posted by Judy on October 17, 2000 7:10 AM

I have 30 worksheets in a workbook with unique external links in each data cell to several external workbooks, worksheets and cells. I am wanting to save the workbook containing the 30 worksheets into a new workbook and save the original workbook (with the 30 worksheets) in the original file with the links locked (not updating for any changes in the source file.) At some point in the future I may need to reactivate those links. However I do not want that to happen or the updating for external data as an option for anyone opening the original workbook. So I want the linking formulas to stay but not update when locked. I plan to change the data in the source file and utilize all of the same external links in the new saved workbook and worksheets to produce updated reports. I have tried to "Lock all Links in Microsoft Excel" as instructed in their Help section. When I go to Tools, Options and on the Calculation Tab clear the "Update remote references" check box it will not save this way. When the file is reopened the checkbox is again there and all of the external data links are updated with external data. This does not appear to be working or I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Posted by Jo on October 17, 2000 10:59 AM

You mean deactivate links???

Posted by Roy Carambula on October 18, 2000 4:52 AM

Re: You mean deactivate links???

I'm not exactly sure of what your problem may be. However, do you have all patches installed?

Posted by Judy on October 18, 2000 6:17 AM

Thanks, I'll further explain.

First, to my knowledge none of the patches are installed.I have the list of fixed problems in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1/1a but don't know which of these would apply. Basically, I'm trying to deactivate the links in an entire workbook. I may want to reactivate these links later so I do not want to lose my linking references or my Source Data references. I just want them turned off. I don't want this to be dependant upon answering the Question "No" each time the workbook is opened. I want it to be static with the last data in the workbook prior to the links being deactivated.