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Excel Hyperlink to Power Point

Posted by Dianne on January 21, 2002 1:58 AM

Hi All

I am giving a presentation in Power Point (PP) that skips to an Excel Spread Sheet at Page 13 of the PP presentation. After demonstrating the spread sheet, I need to skip back to P13 of the PP Presentation.

How do you enter a Hyperlink in an Excel spread
sheet that takes you to page 13 of a PP Presentation?

I can insert a Hyperlink in PP to take me to Excel and another in Excel that will take me to Page 1 of the Power Point Presentation, but not to page 13.

Failing this, is there a way to skip quickly from page one to page 13 of the PP presentation while in "slide show" mode?

Posted by Mudface on January 21, 2002 2:54 AM

For Excel click on 'Insert' and then hyperlink. Browse to your Powerpoint file in the top box (named Link to file or URL). In the bottom box (Named location in file) just type in the slide number you want to go to (eg '13' in your case).