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How to Import prices from Excel to a Word price sheet

Posted by Doug on November 06, 2001 7:00 AM

We have about 100 customers who each have unique prices on certain products of the 1000 products that we carry.

We need to produce unique price sheets for each customer. The price sheets have a lot on features and benefits info on them which is why we are using Word. The price sheets are much more than a list of products and prices.

We have an Excel file of product numbers and prices for each dealer. I want to use VBA to find a product field in the Word document, go to the spreadsheet and find the product and import the product's price into the related price field.

The lines in the Word document that contain the product numbers and prices are always formatted the same. Product number, description and then price. The price sheets are the same for all dealers except for the prices.

I don't want to link specific fields in the Word document to specific cells in the spreadsheet. I want the program to find the model in the spreadsheet and then import the price.

Can you give me some hints. What type of fields should I use in the Word document. Can I use text form fields and tag them as product number fields and price fields and use the program to find a product field and import the price into the next price field?
Are bookmarked fields an option? Is there a better method.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



Posted by Jack on November 06, 2001 10:50 AM

OK first can you trans anything to Word from Excel?
Can you Trans Word to Excel ?
If so postthe VBA code and ill work on it, but will take a while. If not lwt me know and ill try to dig out some code to trans sheet to Word and so on to get you started. Can you VBA?