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Merging data to Word

Posted by Janet Galloway on February 11, 2002 12:25 PM

Probably a stupid question, however, I'm trying to merge data from an Excel worksheet into a Word document. There are three columns of data - a total of 2000 or so cells.

Thanks in advance to anyone interested in answering this elementary question.

Posted by Jack in the UK on February 11, 2002 12:47 PM

Hi Janet--

Ok you neet to turn this on its head!

Merge is MS Word "Yuuuuccck!" but ... Ok so i hate Word and love Excel.

you need to make the maail merger refer to data table you have in excel so aExcel becomes the database and word the producer of the letter or what ever.

Now.. next in Word you need to write your letetr and have fields to say where the persons name goes and address 1 add 2 and city and so on.

Need good professional layout.

Next run the Mail Merge, sorry cant remember the exact buttons and i have deleted word at home so its gone. But memory is i hope ok try this

click tools
select click mail merge
box appears
in 1
create from letters and i cant remember the rest but it menu driven so should be ok

Remember the data source is the excel sheet with 2000 rows

then run the merge

Thisis not really Excel related but neither the less...

As my hate is so bad of Word i do all this in Excel via my script i wrote and is pretty cool just so i NEVER have to Word it.. Mail merge are slow lumpy and painful, so my code does it all on the fly saves docs as Xls and remanes each on the fly to my directort and names them to my specila wording and will do some 15 or so a minute, faster than you can print them,,,

If you intrested it shooting Woord i would love to help.

Let me know.

Keep Excelling

JACK In the UK