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QuickBooks file formats

Posted by Bill on September 07, 1999 4:44 PM

I am looking to import data from a "QuickBooks" file into Excel. Does anyone know what format they come in or if it can be converted? I haven't had access to the file yet, just told a friend I might be able to extract data from it, for a usable (for him) Excel db. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Excel for this board, and specifically Mr. Ivan Moala for all the great help--thank you Ivan, you helped me greatly with an Excel tip.
Bill Lean

Posted by Ivan Moala on September 07, 1999 9:00 PM

Thankyou your note makes it worth while.
Try microsoft
Type in Quickbooks and search online.


Posted by Ivan Moala on September 08, 1999 12:25 AM

Or look @

Posted by Kris Murphy on February 15, 2000 8:28 AM

I have always exported the QuickBooks info in a .prn format, then imported it into 123 or excel.

Posted by Richard O'Brien on February 24, 2000 7:05 PM

One thing your friend could consider is to upgrade to quickbooks pro 2000 which allows automatic exporting of reports to excel 97 (button on top of the report page). Otherwise, you will have to find out the ins and outs of creating IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) files which quickbooks uses for importing and exporting data.
Good Luck