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Create "Normal" chart object from Pivot Table (XL2000)

Posted by JAF on December 01, 2000 7:08 AM


I have a pivot table that summarises data from a daily input sheet.

What I'd like to do is to create a chart object based on the pivot table data (which is grouped at Month level), but whenever I try to create the chart, it creates a "Pivot Chart" which has 2 fields on it that I don't want (Drop Page Fields Here & Drop More Series Fields Here).

Is there any way of either creating a "normal" chart object from a pivot table in Excel 2000 or at least a way of hiding these unwanted drag and drop fields?

I'm sure Microsoft would call this a "feature", but it's proving to be a real pain in the arse (or ass for any American readers!)


Posted by marbel on December 02, 2000 10:22 AM

From Excel help files:
Show or hide field buttons in a PivotChart report
You may want to hide field buttons on the PivotChart report for printing or presentation purposes. When you hide field buttons, the chart size increases, and the chart can't be directly pivoted.

Click the PivotChart report.

On the PivotTable toolbar, click PivotChart, and do one of the following:
To hide the buttons, select Hide PivotChart Field Buttons.

To show the buttons, clear Hide PivotChart Field Buttons.

Tip If you hide field buttons but want to label elements of your chart that were previously identified by field button names, you can add axis titles or text boxes to the chart.

My original idea:
How about pasting special / values on a separate sheet and creating the chart from that? You'll probably need to massage the results, but at least it will be a traditional chart.