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Graph based on Pivot Table

Posted by For~Bez on December 14, 2000 2:51 PM

I have a Pivot table, and would like to break out and chart catagories based on a few fields of data in the pivot table. How can I do this without selecting the whole pivot table? I have seen this done before, but cannot achieve this myself.


Posted by marbel on December 14, 2000 4:17 PM

I would create a new pivot table (in EXCEL 2000 only) and base it on "another pivot table or pivot chart" and then base your chart on that subtable.

Let me know if that doesn't work for you,

Posted by For~Bez on December 15, 2000 5:29 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, but that is a very round-about way of doing things. I know this can be done as I have seen it on other sheets. I could even show it to you. But when I try to duplicate it on the same page even, it is now only allowing me to select all or none of the data.. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.?

Posted by marbel on December 15, 2000 7:49 AM

Are you using excel 2000 or 97?
excel 2000 can deal with your question with one table, just by unchecking the unwanted items in your row and column fields on the pivotchart. This will affect the underlying pivot table.