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How do I input daily calculations for employee tracking and have it calculate weekly and monthly

Posted by Sheri on January 08, 2002 9:34 AM

Hi,I'm creating a workbook to track call center employees calls, apps taken, funds complete, etc. I need to track this on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. I would like to set it up so I can input the information daily on one sheet and have it calculate weekly, monthly and yearly per employee. How can I set up these formulas without making a page for every employee, every day, every week, every month? I know there must be a way that I can input the data daily and have it calculate weekly and monthly with out having to save all the days calculations for the formula reference. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Posted by Chris D on January 08, 2002 10:50 AM

Have you looked into the use of pivot tables ?

these might help....

They're a bit daunting at first, but when you realise you can update them with a single mouseclick AND retrieve individual records that have been summed, they come into their own


Posted by Bariloche on January 08, 2002 10:32 PM

I'll second that


Pivot tables are most probably your best bet. Short of using Access instead.

Read the Excel Help on the subject and then post here (probably best as a new thread) if you have any questions about what you read. It should be pretty straight forward, but if not, just yell.

have fun

Posted by Seal on January 10, 2002 12:19 AM

If you can send me some data i will show you a way. It sounds like you want to create a database for recording daily activity then sort according to day, week and month. The pivot tables are for the easiest but I have some clients that don't want to learn about them so I create formulas with arrays to separate the data accordingly. By using sum(if(condition and entering CSE you can arrive at what you want I believe.