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% of Total in Pivot Table

Posted by Nyah on January 31, 2002 11:06 AM

I have pivot table where there is a total for each person, the project that they worked on and the dollar amount assinged to each project. Then of course, the grand total. How can I show the each individual project as a % of the total? If Project A represents 25% of the grand total, how can I show that % besides the person.


Posted by Armand on January 31, 2002 12:05 PM

In step 3 of creating the pivot table, double click on the pivot table amount you want the percentage of, then a window should appear, click on options and the window should expand, then click on "show data as" and choose "% of" and then choose the one that will give you the percentage you are looking for. I might not have made sense in writing this, but give it a try, it is real simple.


I could help you out more if you had the pivot table field names.