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too many Pivot table columns

Posted by Holly on April 27, 2001 11:26 AM

Help please...
I have a workbook which lists all of the meetings and
events that we are managing at work.
This workbook contains one page of raw data which lists each meeting
each meeting and all of the relevent information for
each meeting.
The following worksheets contain pivot tables which
re-organize the relevant meeting data.
There is one pivot table which keeps getting an error message
which says: "Excel cannot make this change because there are
too many row or column items. Drag at least on row or
column field off the Pivot table, or to the page position"
Is there any way to make it so that all 8 columns that I
want appear on my Pivot table?


Posted by Mark W. on April 27, 2001 11:45 AM

Here are the PivotTable limits listed in the Help
topic for "Worksheet and workbook specifications":

1. Maximum number of items in a PivotTable 8,000
2. Maximum number of pages in a PivotTable 8,000
3. Maximum number of row or column fields in a PivotTable Limited by available memory
4. Maximum number of page fields in a PivotTable 256 (May be limited by available memory)
5. Maximum number of data fields in a PivotTable 256
6. Maximum number of calculated item formulas in a PivotTable Limited by available memory

Sounds like you are limited by available memory, item
#3 above.

Posted by Mark W. on April 28, 2001 3:20 PM

Holly, as a follow-up on my previous posting...
you mentioned that your workbook contained "pivot
tables" -- plural. If these PivotTables were
created from the same data set did you allow
Excel to base your subsequent PivotTables on the
1st PivotTable created? If not, that might be
the source of your Memory problem. You could
remedy this problem by editing each of your
subsequent PivotTables using the PivotTable Wizard,
pressing the [ < Back ] button until you reach
Step 1 of 4, choose the 4th radio button labelled,
"Another PivotTable", choose the 1st PivotTable in
the list, and the press [ Finish ].