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Excel - format for a print option

Posted by Pam on October 12, 2001 8:43 AM

I want to print multiple pages of a sheet to one page. The data I need only covers 5 narrow columns, and I'd like to print it so I can get more than one page of data on one page vertically. Page set-up d isn't helping........ I can cut and paste, but if I could just get it to print in "columns like a Word doc it would be much faster.

Posted by Dan on October 12, 2001 8:52 AM

How about hiding the columns you don't want to print?

Posted by pam on October 12, 2001 9:10 AM

Did that - the columns showing are the ones I want to print, it's that I want to be able to format the print like you can in Word where you can insert "column breaks" and have the text wrap to the available area on the printed page. Maybe I'm not explaining this well.......

Posted by Todd on October 12, 2001 10:01 AM

What about sending the data directly to Word? You could start by making a new word document, and formatting the columns just how you like. Then save, e.g. as "c:\columns.doc". Then inside a Excel macro, use .Documents.Add "c:\columns.doc". You can then insert the data, print, and close Word.