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excel & large format printers

Posted by steve moore on February 14, 2002 3:43 PM

I have an HP 450c E size plotter (inkjet).
All other applications see this plotter/printer.
Excel does not.
Any ideas?

Posted by Steve on February 14, 2002 7:05 PM

I am successfully printing from Excel to an HP450 plotter. If you haven't already, download & install the appropriate drivers for your OS from the HP website.

When you print, take advantage of the new feature on the Printer options that allows you to scale your output to specific plot sizes. The first paper size it asks you for is the actual size of your plot (8.5" x 11" for letter). The next is the one that specifies what size you want the plot to be when printed. I usually select the option to view more paper sizes & go with a 36 x 48 for landscape (I think it's archictectural E or K, but I can't remember).

Works great.

- Steve