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Still Need Help - Any Ideas?

Posted by Susan on July 10, 2001 9:10 AM

Weird! I've got a model in use by 100+ people and for a few people (not all) for a few sheets (not all), Excel will not print. I am not talking about a print macro mal-functioning - there's no print macro being used.

Both the print icon and File Print produce the same result: The PC appears to be printing something. The printer activates, but no page prints out. A Print Preview shows the correct result and no error message is generated. (Most of the users with problems are printing on a Lexmark printer -- any problems with those?)

I've had the users go in and check Page Setup settings and they appear fine. I've also had the users exit Excel and re-open the model, thinking it might be some memory issue. No Luck.

Any ides?

Posted by Eric on July 10, 2001 11:57 AM

Couple of ideas

The part about the printer looking like it's receiving info and then failing to print sounds like a memory problem with the printer (or if its a cheap printer, a problem with the computer memory being used to print).
1)If it is some sort of printer language glitch, then replacing the printer should solve the problem. Assuming all of the boxes are running the same O/S and excel version, take a computer that can't print, hook it up to a printer that's known to work and see if it prints. Also try taking a known printing computer and hooking it up to a non-printing printer.
2) could printer memory be swamped on some of your systems? Reducing the resolution of the print job usually works if this is the case. Try dropping print resolution to the printer's minimum (usually 72 or 150 dpi).
3) Check the Lexmark webpage for newer printer drivers, to see if they fix the problem.
4) Also changing the print language used from laserjet to postscript can help, or if the driver uses the pcl5 language you can try the "raster printer" option.
Any of those help?