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Disable / Enable Macro's

Posted by Rod Quinlan on November 21, 2001 8:19 AM

I have a spreadsheet that has command buttons which act as hyperlinks allowing me to move to various areas in my spreadsheet. This is done by clicking on the action buttons.

My question is every morning when I open the spreadsheet for the first time Excel displays a message "disable macros or enable macros. When I choose enable macros it turns off the ability to use my action buttons/hyperlinks. How can I correct this this that I can enalbe macros and use my hyperlinks.

Posted by Dan on November 21, 2001 9:53 PM

That seems exactly opposite of what should be happening. I'm assuming that you have recorded a simple macro to go to a place on the worksheet and assigned it to a button. I did the same with one of my workbooks, and in order for it to work you must choose to enable macros. Are you sure that you are enabling the macros and not disabling? Very odd!