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Disable macro warnings on Citrix

Posted by Jim on December 06, 2001 8:56 AM

If Excel 97 is launched on a Citrix server by activating a file, is it possible to disable the macro warning screen and force macros enabled? I can't control Tools | Options | General settings for other network users. Assume this is an egg before the chicken situation and not possible.

If not, can I make the file unopenable (message "Macros must be enabled..." would be nice) if macros have not been enabled? Thanks for all assistance.

Posted by Juan Pablo G. on December 06, 2001 9:08 AM

I just found this answer to your question in the Excel.Programming group

Gareth Roberts <> escribió en el mensaje de noticias #nqmicmfBHA.1428@tkmsftngp05...
> Somebody suggested to me - and it works!! - using an interim workbook that
> then opens the real workbook programmatically.
> Thus, if they don't have macros enabled, they won't get the workbook they
> want. You can always put an explanatory message on the interim workbook.
> HTH,
> Gareth

Another option is to have one "startup" sheet that's the only one visible, and then, in the WOrkbook_Open event you hide this, and make everything else visible, and do the contrary before close. That way, if the user disables macros he will only get ht startup sheet, and won't be able to work UNLESS he enables macros.

Juan Pablo G.