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hidden columns

Posted by Michael on August 31, 2000 4:58 PM

We have a hiffen column in our spreadsheet, and when we try and bring it up using unhide,nothing happens, what can we do to bring this shy column back to our spreadsheet

Posted by Celia on August 31, 0100 5:24 PM

The following is from the Help file (re column A hidden):-
"If the first row or column of a worksheet is hidden, click Go To on the Edit menu. Type A1 in the Reference box, and click OK. Point to Row or Column on the Format menu, and then click Unhide."

If all else fails, try unhiding with code:-

Sub Unhide()
Columns("A:A").Hidden = False
End Sub

I regularly use a toolbar button with the following macro which unhides the next column to the left of the selected cell(s):-

Sub UnhidePreviousColumn()
With Selection.Offset(0, -1)
.EntireColumn.Hidden = False
End With
End Sub