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How to email excel spread sheet using macro?

Posted by Fatou N'Jie on April 18, 2000 7:14 AM

Please help! I have written an excel macro that opens a text file, formats the file, prints the file and saves it to a directory. In addition, I would like to include some code that will automatically distribute the file to various people through an email. Does anyone know how to do this? Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

Posted by JAF on April 18, 2000 7:43 AM should point you in the right direction.

Posted by Fatou N'Jie on April 21, 2000 12:01 PM

Thank you!

I appreciate the info you sent me. However, do you know some code that can be included in the existing code to attach a report and send it to users in the contact list in Outlook 98. I use windows nt. Thank you.