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Posted by Mike Kantrowitz on July 13, 2000 7:01 AM

I have a file from a database that i have to download every month. I download it as a text file. The information is then separated by commas (123,23,343,454). I need to get this information into a spreadsheet and have the commas represent the colums. Each month i would like to add the new data from starting where the old data left off so i can make a pivot table showing comparason by date. Thanks

Posted by m on July 13, 0100 8:19 AM

Use the macro recorder to record Opening of the text file, selecting delimited, comma separated
This will open the data into columns. Use Tip of week 04/09/00. Macro goes to last row and comes back up to last row of data.
Do not use the Selection of data to paste found in the tip, you will be pasting the database info.

Combine the macros so that database file is opened,
copied to second workbook, moves cursor to bottom
of copied data (tip 04/09/00)