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Timed macro operation needs more accuracy

Posted by Bill Ford on September 19, 2000 3:24 PM

Hi...this board is great.
I have a macro that publishes to the Internet every 5 minutes.

the last string before publishing is set up as the standard:

Application.ontime now+TimeValue ("00:05:00") "name of publishing macro"

This runs all day with stock market analysis output and starts automatically when the market opens and stops when it closes, but the 5 minute update slips time throughout the day,with the slippage a product of processing time which changes depending on how busy the market is.

I would like to make sure that when I publish the command is sent relative to the clock every 5 minutes, not from elapsed time since the macro was started...

Would appreciate any guidance...

Thanks in advance,
Bill Ford

Posted by Celia on September 19, 0100 6:38 PM

Try fixing the next run time with :-

Dim fixTime As Date
fixTime = Now()
Application.OnTime fixTime + TimeValue("00:05:00"), "name of publishing macro"

Above not tested.