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VB macro to name a worksheet by the conntents of a cell

Posted by Marg on October 21, 2000 12:10 AM

How do I create a macro that will save a worksheet
named by the contents of a "specific cell"
I have a from that needs to be saved each time it is filled out by a new file name.

Posted by Ivan Moala on October 23, 2000 12:44 AM

A few more details and someone will be able to
supply a better answer....but a quick untested
macro......(NO Error handling !!)

Sub SaveSheet()
'Saves sheet2 as a file named from Activesheet
'Cell A1
Dim Fn As String

Fn = Activesheet.Range("A1").Text
Sheets("Sheet2").Copy 'Sheets2 is copied !
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:= Fn
End Sub


Posted by Rich White on October 27, 2000 11:10 AM


I'm not the original poster but THANK YOU!!!!!