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VBA Scroll Areas controls

Posted by Jack on December 07, 2001 9:52 AM

I wish to stop scroll in VBA under Auto_Open, yep simple enought when sheets open, catergorize and set as reqd but i have two requirements

1 To set to A1 dead, ill add an event button to continue si the ss dead as such, i have Wordart thats anomated as so on. you know Happy Christmas appears and dances about a bit. But i cant fint the syntax to do this??

2 i seem to have to refer to a cell as the last object/wordart selection to rotate stays selected?? look really poor, or i select A1 to release that selection but that spoils it to as the secection white cell as background is black, well cells filled black that is, my question is how do i unselect my last wordart object or select a cell but no show its selection if you see what i mean

Ive just these tow bits to do so any help would be a good send, thanks for you advise as always. Jack "UK"

Posted by Ivan F Moala on December 07, 2001 12:32 PM

Jack, not entirely sure what you mean but....

1) upon Auto open

application.goto range("A1"),true

2) Use the key word With / End with
That way you don't select the object


With activesheet.shapes("Word art1")
'your code
End with



Posted by Jack on December 07, 2001 2:29 PM

A personal big thats to your, im happy with taht, my silly idea works and moving shapes about in Excel Ok is not really what its about, but im not Guru, but many i mix with see me as that as i do a handfull of guys on this site, your know exactly who i mean, many im sue stay quiet, maybe one day they too will join in the fun.

I email many people help files and help peope with nagging problems they have i my work place and im UK, the others in USA Holland and Austraila ive never met suchis excels power, the moving shapes abput is just a simple flash front end to made the tips more eye catching and intresting, and of cause i let them know how as well.

Thanks again i really mean that,,, JACK "UK"