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Dynamic user form images with VBA

Excel Version
  1. 2016
Here are the main features of this example:

  • The form has three controls: a combo box, a text box and an image control.
  • The combo box is populated from a worksheet range. Selecting a value will trigger an event which will populate the text box and the image control. VLOOKUP is used to navigate the source table.
  • The pictures are retrieved from a local drive.
  • If the image is small enough, like the hourglass below, all controls are visible. If the image is too large, the code shrinks the form and zooms out the image; the form caption will inform if resizing took place.
1Item CodeDescriptionPath
3C02running shoec:\test\vaporfly.jpg
7C06CD playerc:\test\cd.jpg


VBA Code:
Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim img, ad$, f!, zf!
Me.TextBox1 = Evaluate("=vlookup(" & """" & Me.ComboBox1.Value & """" & _
",a2:c" & Split(Sheets("sheet9").[a2].CurrentRegion.Address, "$")(4) & ",2)")
ad = Evaluate("=vlookup(" & """" & Me.ComboBox1.Value & """" & _
",a2:c" & Split(Sheets("sheet9").[a2].CurrentRegion.Address, "$")(4) & ",3)")
Set img = Me.Image1
img.Picture = LoadPicture(ad)
With Me
    With img
        .Left = 0
        .Top = 0
        .PictureAlignment = fmPictureAlignmentTopLeft
        .PictureSizeMode = fmPictureSizeModeClip
        .AutoSize = True
    End With
    .Width = img.Width
    Do While .InsideWidth <= img.Width
        .Width = .Width + 3
    .Height = img.Height
    Do While .InsideHeight <= img.Height
        .Height = .Height + 3
    .Height = .Height + .ComboBox1.Height + .TextBox1.Height + 2
    .ComboBox1.Left = 0
    .ComboBox1.Top = img.Height + 1
    .TextBox1.Left = 0
    .TextBox1.Top = img.Height + .ComboBox1.Height + 1
    If .Height > 500 Then           ' too big
        f = .Height / .Width
        zf = .Height / 400
        .Caption = ad & " (Resized)"
        .Height = .Height / zf
        .Width = .Height / f
        .Zoom = .Zoom / zf
    End If
End With
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
ComboBox1.List = [sheet9!a2:a11].Value
Me.ComboBox1.Height = 25
Me.ComboBox1.Width = 60
Me.TextBox1.Height = 20
Me.TextBox1.Width = 60
Me.Caption = "Catalog"
Me.BorderStyle = fmBorderStyleSingle
Me.BorderColor = RGB(200, 50, 10)
End Sub
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