absolute reference

  1. D

    VLOOKUP using absolute reference

    Hello, i have this formula i am using =VLOOKUP(L7,'List'!G5:P5,7,FALSE) and i am trying to get it to where if it is copied then it would be =VLOOKUP(L7,'List'!G6:P6,7,FALSE) then =VLOOKUP(L7,'List'!G8:P8,7,FALSE) the same columns but one row down and so on. I was told about absolute...
  2. S

    Conditional formatting for a worksheet that is vertical to another worksheet that is horizontal.

    I have one workbook. I have a data entry sheet where users can enter data (A3:H866) - vertical orientation. I also have a summary sheet (AB6:AM90) - horizontal orientation where I have used an Index formula to bring in values from the data entry sheets. The expectation is that if there is a...
  3. L

    VBA Absolute reference not working...

    Today has been one of those days! Can someone help?!? I am referencing a pivottable on another sheet... This formula: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=iferror(index('" & PSheet.Name & "'!r4c3:r" & LastRow & "c" & LastCol & ",match(rc[-1],'" & PSheet.Name & "'!r4c2:r" & LastRow & "c2,0)" &...
  4. I

    absolute structured references in excel table formulas?

    HY, I am stucked with the absolute structured references in excel table formulas, currently i am using this formula for calculation as......... =ROWS($Z$8:Z20) .......while in case of table calculation this looks like as.........=ROWS([@[SR NO.]]) ...just unable to to lock thse cell. and i need...
  5. C

    Formula to return FALSE/TRUE based on dynamic absolute referencing in dynamic table

    Good day experts, I have great need for a formula that outputs either TRUE/FALSE based on some criteria, the sample table is as follows: <tbody> (A1)EMP ID HRS WEEKDAY OUTPUT 0001 9 1 FALSE 0001 9 2 TRUE 0001 9 3 TRUE 0001 9 4 TRUE(D5) 0001 6 5 FALSE 0002 6 1 FALSE 0002 7 3 NOT...
  6. S

    Sorting with Conditional Formatting - reverts to Absolute

    I'm using Excel to keep track of various projects (one row per project). Some of the projects have 3 or 4 things to do, so I chose open cells a few columns over and used conditional formatting to have them turn green when I type "X" in them. The first column for that row has the same...
  7. S

    Absolute Reference in INDEX MATCH doesn't work!?

    Hi, PLEASE HELP! In my spreadsheet I have the ID of the product I am searching for in column "A" and the Dates across row 7. there are thousands of dates and hundreds of products. I typed this formula to return a specific attribute (in array column #13) and it works in the first cell. but...
  8. J

    Convert Array Formula to R1C1 style

    Hello, does anyone know how to insert an array formula using R1C1 style? I am attempting to convert the array formula (with absolute/relative references as shown below). Sub Insert_Rows() Dim Sh As Worksheet Dim End_Row As Long Dim N As Long Dim Ins As Long For...
  9. J

    Replace text within formula - with "dynamic" absolute reference to cell 1 row above

    Okay.. this is kind of a tongue twister but... I need to replace the text "$D$26" within column D with an absolute reference to the cell address of *the cell 1 row above* the cell containing this formula. The formula will appear every 10 rows. I have the code below, that seems to work but... I...
  10. PritishS

    Absolute Reference Formula giving wrong value while copying from another worksheet

    Dear Sir/Madam, I'm new to VBA. Trying to learn from internet and previously got best response here at Mr. Excel. I have got a wired kind of problem. a. I have a worksheet named 'Template'. there I have a table template like below shown. b. Here 'TOTAL QTY' column have a formula...
  11. B

    Cell references when inserting and deleting rows

    Hi all! I'm relatively new to more advanced Excel functions, so this question may be relatively easy to answer. I have a spreadsheet with a list of employees that is copy and pasted for every month of the year. As of now, the spreadsheet only goes through June. There are four columns, employee...
  12. T

    Absolute References

    I'm having a difficult time working with absolutes when referencing other sheets. I want Workbook1 to reference a sheet in Workbook2, but it needs to be an absolute reference because there are filters that throw everything around and Workbook1 isn't tracking those changes. So if I can absolute...
  13. T

    Relative reference not working on INDEX/MATCH with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, This is my first time posting so even though I read the rules, please forgive me if I accidentally break one or two. I am currently using excel 2013 and am trying to complete a lookup using Index/Match on two criteria. I am able to complete one row, but the formula does not...
  14. A

    OFFSET Function not extending to new rows

    Hello, I am trying to add more rows to my chart, but when I extend the rows with the formulas I am getting " ##### " instead of the numbers I'm expecting. Here's my formula that starts the chart: =OFFSET('Raw Data'!$A$6,Performance!$B6,MATCH(Performance!E$5,'Raw Data'!$6:$6,0)-1) Here's the...
  15. Smokeyham

    Create a List of Absolute Reference in multiple worksheet

    I have a spreadsheet and would like to create a list of the value in an absolute reference from multiple worksheets. Here is what the formulas for the final result might look like: ='Management Analyst'!B2 ='Human Resources'!B2 The spreadsheet is quite large (lots of worksheets), so the...
  16. F

    Help: Custom Error Bars and Absolute Cell Reference!

    Hi Everyone, I have a line graph with 8 series of data, all of which have custom error bars which I have calculated. I have to create one of these graphs each time I collect data. What I have been doing is copying the graph I made previously and dragging over the series to the new set of data...
  17. B

    Replace variable Absolute Column Reference in formulas by a static numeric factor

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2010. I have Sheet1 that contains eleven columns. Let's call this group of eleven columns LocationData. On a Sheet2, I have one column for each LocationData group that summarizes the data using various formulas, referencing various columns in the group. All my formulas are...
  18. R

    Cell references/linking between workbooks

    Hi All Here's a doozy for you. I have 2 workbooks, one an inventory overview of kit, the other a detailed version. Obviously some info is duplicated. I've made a straight forward link (see below), but it needs improvement, What I want to achieve: In the detailed inventory, I type in a row...
  19. K

    Absolute Referencing

    Hello, I am trying to develop a template for my company and have just started using VBA. However, after some trial and error I have realized that my macros all use relative referencing. Since my template is constantly changing I would like to use absolute referencing but I do not know how to...
  20. C

    Function Procedure Path Issue

    This is a frequent problem for me. When I save a macro-enabled workbook that contains function procedures into a new file name, when the workbook attempts to use the function procedures, it is looking for the function procedures in the old workbook name, not the new one. Borrowing some...

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