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    If, AND, OR in the same formula

    Hi there, I am trying to create a formula that if the criteria in column D = Z and either the value (OR) in E2 or F2 is blank to return the value "Check" =IF(AND(D2="Z",OR(ISBLANK(E2)="True",ISBLANK(F2)="True")),"Check","Fine") My formula does not evaluate correctly above - any ideas?
  2. A

    Multiple AND must be satisfied, formula help please -

    Hello all - I am trying to figure out a way to do the following please, and could use some help: I have the following headers: A1 = TestA, B1= TestA Verified, C1= TestB, D1 = TestB Verified, E1= Time, F1= Time Verified, and finally G1 = All Tests Satisfied, I have a lookup that populates the...
  3. S

    Nested IF AND FORMULA for Tiered Fee Calculation

    I am trying to write a nested IF AND Function to produce a result off of a Tiered Fee Table. A . B . C . D 1 . Condition 1 Condition 2 Result if True . Result if False 2 . 1,000 2,000 1.7% ...
  4. N

    Conditional formatting

    Is there a formula that will enable me to use conditional formatting to highlight a cell containing data that has both V and N in it at the same time? I thought I could use an AND formula but am not sure how to arrange it. I have it set to highlight if it's just V, or just N, but want to make...
  5. S

    DSUM with AND range as Critera

    Hi guys, I'm newish to excel and this forum, please let me know if I'm posting in error, but I'm having a hard time googling this one out. I've inherited a spreadhseet with a Named Range Called "Criteria" which includes columns names NUM, USD, CO and NET_AMT and their data. This is the only...
  6. K

    Need Help With Formula

    I am trying to come up with a formula that will tell me when someone should be written up according to our policy. I have attached a copy of our policy and a copy of our excel spreadsheet that tracks tardies and unexcused absences. I'm struggling to find a formula that would fit. I'd like it to...
  7. C

    IF Formula with AND and Between help please

    Hello. Thank you for the help you have given me over the years - this site is my number excel reference! This time, I just can't figure it out :-( I am trying to get right a small part of what will be a bigger formula. Can you tell me whats wrong with this: Excel gives me an error message about...
  8. R

    Multiple IF functions with multiple conditions

    Hello - Problem: I am trying to get a formula to display the letter "G", "D", or "GI" based on the values of two other cells. Example: Symbol G,D,GI % Yes/No A G 0.25% Y B...
  9. M

    Excel Calculation Error

    I'm having an issue where excel is clearly making a true statement false. Has anyone else ever experienced this before? Here is my formula: =Round(If(AND(0<=B2-J7<=0.1,H7>0),E7+U2) B2 = .35 J7 = .3176 h7 = 1 E7 = .81 U2 = .03 Based on these numbers the formula should result in the cell...
  10. R

    Find closest number based on string

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to find the closest number to another number. Here is what my spreadsheet looks like: <tbody> Row time stamp event # unit unit status 1 <tbody> 1420089320 </tbody> 1 e hold 2 <tbody> 1420089448 </tbody> 1 e arrive 3 1420089500 1 e...
  11. L

    My array formula is counting blanks as zero - how do I differentiate?

    Hi, I'm trying to find the row number of the last cell in an array that is equal to zero but is not blank. My array is one column wide and 38 rows deep (K6:K43). The top 1 to x rows will always have a value (0, 3, 5 or 7) and the bottom x+1 to 38 rows will always be blank. I've tried...
  12. P

    How to use If and AND statements for date ranges

    I've set up an IF statement to check a cell between two dates using AND but for some reason it's not giving the correct result when the date entered is before the date that I am checking it against. It returns a zero result. Any ideas where I'm going wrong in the formula...
  13. N

    Figuring out mixing excel formula

    Hi, I know i'm near to the goal formula, but got stuck. I have a chart-1 with date, field number, zones (from 1 to 13), and other columns that don't matter to the formula. Aside, chart-2 that depends on the data from chart-1, that will read, range on column B "field number", looking for...
  14. Z

    If , and , struggling

    Hi I want a formula that does the following: If Cell C2 = Year 2 ($B$3), then Cell C3 = 60% and then D3 = 40% with E3, F3,G3 all zero If Cell C2 does not equal B3 , then Cell C3 = 0 so if Cell D2 = $B$3 , then D3 =60% and E3 = 40% and all cells afterwards F3, G3, are zero.....and so on
  15. M

    Multiplying two numbers then combining If with And functions including dates

    Hello, I need to see if anyone can help me with multiplying two numbers, then calculating a If plus And function. I'm taking my whole goods sales and multiplying it by my take rate. WG Sales (number) * Take Rate (number) and if my inventory is greater than my max, then I want my total number...
  16. C

    Format if cell value is equal to AND if adjacent cell value is.

    We are trying to find subcontractors we did not pay for Job 5202, but we got paid for Job 5202. Column A is Yes or No (Did we get paid for the work order) Column B is Yes or No (Did we pay subcontractor for that work order) If B2 is No, I'd like to highlight it green only if A2 is Yes...
  17. I

    If formula or Vlookup?

    Hi, Is it possible to create a formula based on two dependent variables? for example: Sheet 1: I have stock with the code nr of "90" and daily stock return for this stock between 2007-2014. Sheet 2: I have announcements made by different companies between the time interval of 2007/01/01 to...
  18. S

    Conditional formatting - multiple criteria

    Hi there, I was looking for some help. If anyone is willing to point my in the right direction, I'd be incredibly grateful. I'm currently trying to use conditional formatting to colour cells in column F, one of two different colours using the "Use a formula to determine which cells to format"...
  19. L

    Nested IF AND formula

    Excel accepts it but the results aren't correct, where it should return one of my 'if true' values, it just returns #VALUE!. I thought it would be pretty simple but I must be overlooking something. Please help. First of all I am looking at whether or not E2 contains "No – 2014-15 non...
  20. I

    IF AND Nested Formula Help

    Hi Guys & Gurls thanks for reading this, I'm having a few issues with a current spreadsheet I'm working on, its designed to track inspection frequencies, it was all working fine until the client decided they wanted to track two different industry requirements :-( its set out like this Cell...

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