1. S

    "Text Box" to enter an answer, and will highlight when matches

    Is it possible to have a spreadsheet, whereby in cells B3:B22 (for example) you have "Hidden" answers, and in A1 you have a text box, you put an answer in, and press enter. If it matches, then it highlights the answer, and clears the cell for the next go. So, in B3:B22 you could have the...
  2. C

    VBA Help with copying from sheet to Sheet with Validating list

    So I have hit a brick wall with my project I am working on in Excel. Here is my scenario for example I have a worksheet with a list of 17 questions with answers based on a validation list. My client would like to have the answers copied over to Sheet2 which is not a big deal however they want...
  3. S

    I Didn't Do Well in Excel Interview Tests - Need Help

    In the past I've gone to financial interviews where my know-how of excel was tested. They asked about SUMIFS, IF statements, vlookup, hlookup. I know the basics behind these. I thought I knew enough of excel. But the test results differ. I'm an intermediate. I want to know how to prepare for...
  4. E

    Randomize cell arrangement in a given range

    Hi All. Didn't find anything in the search results for this. Apologizes if it has surfaced before. Building a quiz and need VBA code to randomly re-arrange cells within a given range. Answers to the quiz are one an "Answers" worksheet. Cells A8:O13 are linking to those answers. Starting...
  5. J

    Struggling with Application.EnableEvents

    First time poster, and let me apologize right off the bat if I'm asking a question that has already been answered. I've tried searching for an answer but haven't found what I need yet. I'm also a first-timer to VBA as I'm finishing up my first project. I don't really know coding that well but...
  6. M

    Using a data table

    I have a spreadsheet where i input numerical data in I2 and I3 (SHEET 2)where after if computes in a dozen cells gives me (3) answers in K9, L9 and M9(ALSO ON SHEET 2). On sheet 1 I put answers to the same (3) cells from sheet 2 dozens of times with different variables. Is there anyway to just...
  7. rjbinney

    Stacking Columns

    My Google skills have found ways to combine multiple columns into ONE column; I'm trying to figure out how to do TWO columns. Basically, I have received data from a survey. Every other column is the Question on the survey, then the next column is the Answer. (i.e., |Q1|A1|Q2|A2|Qn|An|). Each...
  8. M

    How to copy cell color of Main cell to another cell if they both have same values?

    Hi All, I have attached a screenshot to help everyone get a better view of the request since after experimenting with Conditional formatting with formulas, I can't hit the correct way to it. Row 11 acts like a calibration form, Persons 1,2 and 3 will answer either Yes or No. If Master says...
  9. H

    Extracting data from multiple workbooks into one

    Hi, First off, I am a complete newbie at macros. I have found several threads on this topic but can't seem to get it right still... Background: A survey with 40ish groups (each containing 5 or so persons) have been performed. I want to gather the answers and respondants to all the questions in...
  10. I

    Counting whether there is text in cells

    There must be a simple thing that I am missing, but failing miserably! I am trying to count (on a master spreadsheet) how may responses have happened in Cell B17 on 12 different sheets of a spreadsheet. I have tried count, counta, sumproduct with istext but nothing seems to give me the right...
  11. C

    Using the COUNTIF Function with SUBTOTAL to calculate the % of 'Yes' answers

    Currently I have a column of data with Yes, No, N/A (I have converted these to blank cells so they are ignored) as the possible answers. I have been able to calculate the % of 'Yes' answers using the Formula: =COUNTIF(A2:A103,"Yes")/COUNTA(A2:A103) I would like the % of 'Yes' responses to...
  12. D

    Using LEFT to extract text, then applying wildcard to the result to do a COUNTIF

    Hi all, I have the results of a survey which allows people to free-type their answers. I have cleaned the answers up however there are a litany of spelling errors for many of the same words. I need to count the instances of these answers, including the misspelled words. I have a list of the...
  13. D


    I have a set of questions in column A1 to A2 etc, answers are selcted in column B1 to B10 etc via a data validation list from another worksheet in the same workbook. I want to use the concatenate or similar function to collect all of the answers into one single cell which i can then copy and...
  14. K

    Color partial text in cell - VBA

    I am brand new to this forum and relatively new to VBA so I apologize if this is not the correct way to go about this. I’ve searched all over and couldn’t find clear cut answers (or at least answers that I understood) so I’m hoping this will help. I’m trying to color part of the text in a cell...
  15. J

    Importing q&a from word into excel for mail merge

    Hi! I am studying for the bar exam and have 20 old exams with model answers in a word document that i would like to transfer into excel with each question in a cell in one column and the answer in the adjacent column so that I might mail merge them to print out flashcards. I have tried various...
  16. Roderick_E

    Why No One Answers Your Question

    Have you ever posted here and no one answers your question? Well, people on MrExcel have been very helpful for the many years I've been on this site. So, just to help out, there are some typical issues that may cause people to pass over your question: I'm sure there are other reasons but these...
  17. W

    Kids Times Table interactive

    Hi, I am wanting to create a times table which will allow my son to enter answers in the cell and have the cell react with either inserting his correct answer in the cell or inserting the word 'false' if incorrect. Maybe 50% of the cells can already have the correct answers in them to start...
  18. D

    Replicating specific cell data into active cell

    Hello, I am designing on Excel 2011 for Mac but the results will need to work on Excel 07 and newer. I have been asked to develop a teaching tool for my company's training department. I have the general layout designed. It's an 11x11 grid, 2 grids actually on 2 worksheets: (B2:L12) on both the...
  19. jbesclapez

    VBA that would spot an ID according to a group of Answers

    Dear All (and Mike ;)) I have a column with a list of answers (IDs) I have a table with 7 columns for the answers (some are empty) and an additional column with Result The answer given in the first table have to be found in the second table to give the Result. The order of the Answer is not...
  20. H

    combining formulas to make two possible answers

    I am trying to combine two formulas in a single cell to give me one of two possible answers in an adjacent cell. For example: I have a list of soldiers ranking E4 and E5 in column A. In column B I want to provide a formula that will decipher E4 to SPC and E5 to SGT. Can anybody assist in this?

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