1. D

    Ideas on how to track inventory expiration dates

    NOTE* Please skip until the next line highlighted in bold if you're not interested in seeing how my setup functions. Thank you! Hello everybody, I am currently managing a minor inventory consisting of 101 unique goods. Currently my excel sheet looks like this: To briefly explain the sheet...
  2. Trevor3007

    email & attachment

    good evening, can someone help me with some VB to send to a certain email (ie and attach the worksheet (sheet1) Thank you all for your time and assistance. KR trevor3007
  3. A

    loop to check if visible

    I have a userform that has multiple labels. 10 labels are named with the leading text lblM_ (see below). I want to check if any of these labels are visible. I kindly ask for assistance with a vba code to check if any of these labels are visible lblM_tbxSch800 lblM_tbxSch900 lblM_tbxSch1000...
  4. H

    extract first and last name from email adress

    I would like a formula to extraxt the first and last name from an email address and as well as for the first and last name to start with upper case for e.g email address this should appear as Patrick Davids using a formula your assistance in this regard is most...
  5. S

    Excel formula assistance - two if/thens

    I have this formula, but I'm trying to write into it: =IF(F4<=199, 0, 10) also, if f4 = "Chris" then "N/A" Help please?
  6. I

    Looking for Assistance with Formula (Top 30 Values Closest to ZERO) Please :)

    <tbody> 1 <tbody> -0.14 </tbody> top 30 values in column B1-B32 that is closest to 0 2 <tbody> -0.04 </tbody> I want to project it as a formula in C1-C30 3 <tbody> -0.02 </tbody> 4 <tbody> 0.09 </tbody> 5 <tbody> 0.23 </tbody> 6 <tbody> -0.12 </tbody> 7 <tbody>...
  7. H

    Offset Function

    I would like to know how the 4th and 5th function in Offset works i.e height and width eg =SUM(OFFSET(J14,0,0,1,-5)) Your assistance is most appreciated
  8. J

    Combination If Error formula result

    I need a combination formula for If error and if result of formula =0. Formula I have now for if error is the following: =IFERROR((I2-J2)/J2,1) however if cell I2=0 and J2 =0, I would like the result to be 0. Thanks for your assistance. I know this has to be something simple.
  9. P

    Need help with Excel Launcher in excel 2003

    I had Excel Launcer installed but it was inadvertenly removed. My search has revealed I need ConsoleApplication1.exe to assist with installation , but I am unsure of where to locate it. Am able to open .xls files but not .xlsm , so any assistance with ConsoleApplication1.exe would be...
  10. V

    Macro Assistance

    I have a macro I need some assistance with. I want the macro to value any formulas that start with '=DBRW' as it is linked to another source. I have the following macro that works but it values out every formula. Sub ConvertSourceFormulaToValues() Dim ws As Worksheet, rng As Range For...
  11. B

    VBA Filtering/Shorting Assistance

    I am looking for assistance with the following VBA code I have written to filter all data in my selected column to be applied to filter more than the single date that it’s giving. Sub SortDataWithHeader() ActiveSheet.Range("E1", Range("E1").End(xlDown)).AutoFilter Field:=5...
  12. B

    formula change help needed

    Hi all, Need some assistance please. Have a formula that works justfine however I now need it to work based on a dropdown list in cell H1. The original formula was: =VLOOKUP($A9,SFG,10,0) and this was located incell P9 The new formula I’ve come up with is as follows...
  13. A

    write formula into VBA

    I want to use this formula in VBA. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks =SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(9,OFFSET(P15,ROW(P15:P427)-ROW(P15),0,1)),--(P15:P427 < 0))
  14. R

    Highlight formula assistance

    I need a formula to highlight the cell right above if a cell in a specific column (let's say Column C) has a unique text value (e.g., IP). Any assistance would be appreciated.
  15. R

    Return a Blank instead of #N/A and/or 0 with INDEX/MATCH

    Trying to return a blank instead of a #N/A or 0 with INDEX and MATCH. Formula Below... =INDEX(Data[GC],MATCH([Product Key],Data[Product Code],0)) Thanks in advance for your assistance and time. Regards Richard T.
  16. P

    Need assistance with a formula.

    Trying to use this formula however I am getting an "error with formula". =IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(K25:O25,”>0”),”0”) Maybe someone can lend me a hand with this? Thanks, PuJo
  17. B

    Assistance with SUMIFS Function formula

    I would appreciate assistance with the following SUMIFS Function formula that I have written so that it will work properly. =SUMIFS(Sheet2!B$3:B$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12>=A3,Sheet2!A$3:A$12<=B3) As the following screen shot shows, what I am trying to accomplish...
  18. H

    No Remittance Advice - assistance with allocation

    Good Afternoon. Working in a finance department, we quite often get issuesthat payments are received, but we have no idea what invoice numbers have beenpaid in that particular payment. This is because the client has not provided aremittance advice (list of invoices they have paid). I am...
  19. J

    Fill blank rows with cell above...

    I'm trying to create a macro that will, for a selected range (5000 rows), fill a cell with the contents of the cell above if the cell to the right is not empty/blank. Your assistance appreciated. Regards
  20. H

    Change Sheet name in Vlookup when formula copies to right

    I have the following Vlookup formula =VLOOKUP($A2,'Sept-2018'!C:D,2,FALSE) I would like to know how to automatically change to the sheet name in the formula when copying the formula to the right for eg 'Oct-2018'!, 'Nov-2018'! etc Your assistance is most appreciated

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