auto complete

  1. E

    drop down menu with different price list that reflect on other cells

    I have two items, with two different price list for each, I would like to create a drop down menu with the pricelist of each, so when I choose the particular item and then go to price code, I get a drop down menu with two pricelist, when I choose pricelist1, automatically the price of this item...
  2. L

    Combo box (Active X) / Autocomplete / Data Validation

    Hi everybody. I'm having issues with setting up multiple drop-down boxes to auto-complete with a set list of data values. I've got two tabs that have multiple drop-down boxes utilizing the same data values from a third tab. Because some of the drop-downs have multiple selections (Country for...
  3. D

    Autofill/ Auto Complete.

    Good morning all! so my question is about auto fill I'm not sure if this is even possible or not, but what i have done was built a basic tracking log for personnel on a job site i am on. basically i open a blank one every day and save as and add new date. my columns are listed as such across...
  4. P

    Need help auto completeing past blank cells up to a date entered AutoMAGICALLY!!!!

    Hello All! I think what I want to do is possible. But I cant figure it out. Im not a VBA specialist like most of you guys. Heres my problem. I want to fill blank entries in a column just by plugging in a date. Name 4/1/2016 4/2/2016 4/3/2016 4/4/2016 4/5/2016 Enter Date Joe Red...
  5. G

    Insert value into cells between 2 dates... Stuck :(

    Hello, I am using Excel to create a calendar and I am using the formula to highlight all cells between date. <tbody> =AND(R$22>=$I23,R$22<=$J23) </tbody> Where R22 is the first date of my calendar which is going by weeks and I23 & J23 are dates. EG. R22 is 1st jan and I23 & J23 are...
  6. P

    AutoComplete from Other List

    Hi, I've just tried this in Excel 2010 and I'm unable to get it to work. AutoComplete Typing in an Excel Data Validation List Without Macros What I'm trying to do is AutoComplete based on a list elsewhere within the Workbook, so if a user enters in the first 2, 3 characters it will suggest...
  7. K

    Auto Complete for Data Validation in Excel

    Hi Guys, I wanted to know if there is any way that I can get my validated cells to suggest items in the validated lists based on texts typed in so far. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  8. F

    how auto complete text in Excel work?

    Hello, I want to prepare a sheet that user will enter a name of country. However, to prevent user enter nonexistence country, I use data validation - list type. However, user complain that this is not user friendly because she has to select country name from a very long list or type full...
  9. S

    Table Field Auto numbering

    Hi All, Please help! I have a database in an excel table and need a formula or macro that auto-numbers new rows with a unique key like Access would. I have seen loads of formulas using ROW() and OFFSET(). However, I want the values to stay static despite sorting the table by different...
  10. U

    Auto Response to Excel prompt?

    Hi all, This forum has been such a great help in some unique problems I've had. Thanks to all the Masters!! So heres one. We are moving off of Fileshare to SharePoint (Yea!!!). One XLS that we use within a workteam of 30+ people has an autotimer feature (which I got from Mr.Excel) that...
  11. 5

    Drop Down List (w/auto Suggest??) & Ampersand

    :help: As Long as Im asking, Ill go for the 2 for 1 ! <smile> 1) Is there a way to make a cell (I assume it would be a drop down list) do something like a smart fill; auto fill/ auto suggest/ auto complete" function as Im typing in what I want? and ... 2) (Short Version: How can I use the...
  12. E

    Keyboard shortcut

    Hi, Hopefully a straightforward question. When editing a formula, Excel automatically provides a drop-down list of Range Names that match the characters you have typed. Is there a key you can press to use the highlighted name. I've tried all sorts of variations, but with no luck, so I'm...
  13. andrewb90

    Automatically gathering data from another cell

    I have a page in excel that has sales information for multiple company's and they may reoccur several times on the page depending on how many times they purchase from us per month. each sale starts with the company's name and a 4 digit number to identify them and all the sales information is in...
  14. E

    Excel order form

    I need to create an order form excel, but don't know where to start!! I would need a drop down list that would have, for example, small set, medium set and large set. When one of these is selected I want this to generate an order, so for 'small set' it would auto complete an order for 1 small...
  15. T

    Auto Complete in Excel for Mac 2008

    I have a list of part numbers (over 1000 at the moment) in column A of sheet 1, Columns B,C,D and E all have relevant information about the part number, size, weight etc. On a separate sheet I have created a sort of 'order form' using a Vlookup function. I have also created a drop down screen...
  16. M

    Is there a limitation to Excel's AutoComplete functionality?

    Is there a limitation to Excel's AutoComplete functionality? I have a list of about 3,542 project ids that I want to auto complete from a validation list with the valid ids being hidden in rows above the selection area. It seems that the further down the list I go, the more characters I have to...
  17. F

    Calendar which auto populates

    Dear Community, Been using your forum for a long time and decided to make my own account today to post my first question, to which I did not find an answer which worked for me so far... So here my problem: I have a list of items which all mature on different dates and all have a certain money...
  18. B

    Auto Answer Prompt

    Hi, I've written a code that creates several charts in one go, first though it checks whether these already exist, if they do it deletes them. This works fine, however at each sheet i have to confirm deletion via the microsoft prompt: "Data May Exist in the Sheet(s) selected for Deletion...
  19. T

    Auto-complete not showing all the option

    Hi, I am currently working on a small library inventory. I have about 1100 items typed in. I realized that the auto-complete does not show me all the options. For example, there are four items that starts with "Iceland," but when I type in "i" excel shows me only one option. I know it's not a...

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