background color

  1. S

    Index/Match that pulls background color with text from 1 sheet to another

    I am having some difficulty finding where to start with this , i have found a few codes in other forums but am not able to manipulate them to my needs , so here goes my best to explain this - So to start i have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets , this is a POB (personnel on board) , within...
  2. R

    Is there a Script for changing colors based on r g b values in other cells

    Hi I am very new to using the script editor, but i need help getting a background color in column 4 based on the rgb values in columns A(r) B(g) and C(b). I would need it to change when those values change. is there any way to do this? here's a screenshot of what my sheets doc looks like.
  3. J

    Get Total of Specific Background Colored Cells

    Hello, I am attempting to automatically get the sub-totals from each blocks (shown in P11-P13, AB11-AB13, P19-P21 and AB19-AB21) then get the overall total to show up in Column E of the three background color of the cells: There are 4 blocks of data: Block 1 runs between F9-O14 Block 2 runs...
  4. F

    Group rows with same value in column B and set different background color for each group

    Hi, I have data in a sheet with something like this: <tbody> A B C D File1 Abs 145 YuoJ 002 RFG 234 3op 009 File2 UYR 234 yyt 3nn POC 778 www 334 File3 WEF 778 O93 R67 TRE 778 87K 004 </tbody> I would like to colorize with the same background color all rows that...
  5. P

    Is there a way for excel to preform function based on background color

    hello everyone, so I have a question if its possible for excel to read background color of active cell, and to preform that function if the cell is colored. As of know my function in excel looks like this =IF(AND(K11="S-1",B11="blue"),J11, ). Is there anyway to replace B11=" Blue" to just read...
  6. P

    Change Background Color of Multiple Ranges

    Need macro to change background color of four ranges (Q5:Q7, T5:T7, Q32:Q38, T32:T34) to RGB 250,250,200.
  7. D

    Background Conditional Formatting using a Checkbox

    Firstly I would like to apologise, this is my first attempt at creating a form and table for access so my terminology will be off. We get documents in from customers and I have created a form to "log" and process the documents. One of the things that I am struggling with though is I have a...
  8. S

    Find cell with text, and change background color...

    Hello, I need a small VBA routine that finds every cell in column A that has the text "Donut" included in it to have its background color changed to another color, like red. A general color would be best like R,G,B values to make it anything. Thanks a lot! David
  9. E

    Cell Background Color Will Not Change on Inherited Document

    Background Info: I inherited an excel doc (.xlsx format) and am using Excel 2010. There are NO conditional formatting rules in the entire workbook, nor is it protected. All of the values do seem to be copy & pasted from a different workbook though. I say this because there are almost no...
  10. L

    Background color change for incorrect or false statements

    I have created a math worksheet for my son to practice with. I have a timer with a "start" and "stop" command button, a "grade" button and a "reset" button. The simple math problems are based of another sheet that randomly generates numbers between 0 and 9. Everything works well. I would like to...
  11. T

    User Defined function that counts color filled cells that meets other criteria as well

    Using Excel 2013 on windows 7 So, as I've scoured the internet, I've found plenty of User define functions (UDF) that allow you to count cells based on their backgroud color, but I can never find a UDF that works like a "CountIfs" formula allowing you to count cells based on backgroud color AND...
  12. K

    Backgroup Colour Changes Automatically in specified system

    I have a excel workbook with a 7 sheets of data, this workbook has been created using MS office 2008 & 2010 packages. When I try to open this document in my team leads system it has automatically opened in green color background and few columns text as red color, but the same time when we try to...
  13. R

    Using Pivot Top 10 Filter: two problems

    Dear all, I am building an Excel Dashboard and therefore have to use quite many pivot tables. I am now creating a top 10 list of potential customers based on the potential sales amount and am using the top 10 filter that is available in the filter section. However, I have now two problems: No...
  14. S

    Copy only conditional format colorto another cell with different value

    Hi, I am trying to copy only the colors made by conditional format for example from range columns ABC to columns DEF (Color from D column should be the same as color from A column, E same as B, etc.) Tnx for your help. <tbody> A B C D E F 20 10 15 3 10 5 5 6 8 8 3 1 3 1 1 5 1...
  15. Y

    partiall Excel Cell Background color

    hello, I Was wondering if there is a way to set an Excel Cell Background Color Partially. thankx for you're time.
  16. K

    Macro Triggered Using Background Color

    I had a post for border color and I realize this one is similar, but I didn't realize that on my sheet because the user is zoomed out so far it is useless changing the border color property and linking a macro to it and it is much easier (user wise) to link it to the background color. The coding...
  17. A

    RGB values Macro

    Hello All, I have been scouring the boards for a solution to my problem and I have found a similar problem and solution but it is does not work with my specific case/workbook. I have a program created in XNA .net framework which will take an image and break it down into individual pixel RGB...
  18. F

    Userform opens with black background only for one user

    I have 6 people who can access the userform. Everyone has Windows XP and Office 2007. When they open the file, the userform launches and 5 of the 6 people see the userform, but the other person gets the userform as black background, unable to see the text. Any suggestions on why this happens?
  19. A

    Delete cell content in entire workbook if background color is yellow

    I am looking for a vba code that would delete the content of a cell based on its background color. My workbook has several worksheets in which cells have a light yellow background if the user can input in them. Now I created a button which would reset the entire model, ie delete the content...
  20. G

    background color change

    Hi all, i have been trying to change cell background color using following code but it's not been working. please help me to fix this problem. Function ChangeColor(rng As Range, rngcolor As Range) Dim cell As Range Dim cellcolor As Long cellcolor = rngcolor.Range("a1").Interior.ColorIndex...

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