1. LuckyDPR

    Excel Crashing on a Particular VBA Statement, Need Help

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not (Application.Intersect(Target, Range("HHPACC[Model]")) Is Nothing) Then Target.Value = UCase(VBA.Split(Target.Value, " ")(0)) End Sub Above simple statement was working very fine a few days ago, but now at sudden whenever excel...
  2. R

    Macros in unrelated files started crashing around three weeks ago and we cannot figure out why.

    Our company uses Office 365. We are using macros in around 15 unrelated areas of my workplace and suddenly, after years of working perfectly, they seem to be crashing randomly. This started a few weeks ago, and more and more files are having the issue. For example, there is a file used daily...
  3. B

    Private Sub keeps freezing file

    Hello, i have a code that is displaying the last changed cell of a range. It works for a few tests but then randomly will freeze up my workbook. Any help would be great, also im looking to make this apply to all worksheets in the workbook, if anyone has any direction on that it would be helpful...
  4. B

    Excel stops working after VBA runs workbook.close on a big file (1.7GB)

    Hi, Is this a known problem that VBA stops working on workbook.close if it is trying to close a big file (1.7GB). My code basically only needs to open the file, copy all the information into a sheet on the workbook with the macro and then close the file. It does everything perfectly but on the...
  5. D

    InkEdit Crashing Excel with No Error Message

    I built a quick userform on my Windows 10 PC and it ran perfectly fine after I enabled the Microsoft InkEdit Control 1.0 field. However, following the same steps on another Windows 10 PC (I've now tried 3 different ones) does not work - the userform crashes. Specifically, I've narrowed down the...
  6. R

    Set Lrow by dialog box? & Loop batch size limit

    I am compiling a register of projects and have been using VBA to Loop through 25-40 files in a batch. As the list gets longer I have been manually changing this in the macro text. 1) Does anyone know if i can use a dialog box to set the Lrow, to add to bottom of list? (So I can't forget to...
  7. D

    VBModeless UserForm Closing/Crashing Excel

    Hi, I have a Userform which opens as "vbModeless," it contains a series of buttons to open more Userforms that all open as "vbModeless." Very simple, but randomly some of the files will immediately close when selecting one of the buttons contained on the first opened form. If I remove the...
  8. J

    Microsoft Excel is not Working - Crashes on VBA SaveAs

    For some reason, my excel keeps crashing every time it runs over the saveas section of my code. I've written the code two different ways, and both crashes the excel. The line of code doesn't always crash excel, it is usually the second or third time running the code that it happens. Does anyone...

    Continuous crashing - How do I clean up excessive data?

    Hi guys. I have an extremely large excel workbook that we use to do all of our client quotes, and as it's a document that has evolved over the years, there's loads of data and 'stuff' on it like Named ranges, references etc etc that must surely be causing my continuous crashing issues. Trouble...
  10. I

    Windows 10 seems to be crashing VBA Macro whilst running

    Hello everyone. I currently run a VBA Macro that can take several hours. Previously I have never had a problem but I have just updated to Windows 10, and now when I come back to my PC I find that Excel has crashed and I am presented with recovery files. It seems that W10 is doing something...
  11. D

    VBA code to create PDFs causing Excel to crash immediately without any hang

    Hi, I have a VBA procedure that loops through each file in a directory and does the following: 1. Opens the file 2. Selects 2 sheets 3. Exports those sheets to a PDF Excel is crashing during this process at random. I.e., one time it can crash after 6 PDF files created, and another after 10...
  12. B

    Sort function crashing now in new 365, help?

    Hello I am new to VBA and Excel so please excuse my ignorance on some terminology. My boss uses Excel 7 and I use 365, his code that he has used for 10 years for the Sort function is as follows. Range("A1:A14").Sort Key1:=Range("A1"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlYes or Range("E1", "F" &...
  13. M

    Excel crashes on save or copy

    I have a 6 MB xlsm workbook with Power Query (17 queries) and no VBA. Everything used to work propertly for years. I made some changes to the queries and worksheets yesterday and since then, when I try to save the workbook or press CTRL+C, the workbook crashes. No error message, no warning...
  14. B

    VBA: Excel has stopped working

    Hi All, have been running a very simple macro for the last few months which very simple pulls in a file from another location and pastes some data. It then Fetches another file and at this point it seems to cause excel to crash and the "excel has stopped working" error. This error has only...
  15. J

    VBA, Excel keeps crashing

    As I am stepping through this section of the code it works but by the time it gets to a certain row it crashes my excel. Is there a better way to write to my excel sheet? It writes a value cell by cell, not sure why its crashing! For j = 1 To nCols If fromTop Then writeVal = arr(i...
  16. T

    [VBA] Vlookup sometimes crashing Excel

    Is it possible to replace the vlookup function below by something else? This solution is crashing the excel very often. Dim rngS As Range Set rngS = Range("S11:S" & END_Row - 2) With rngS .FormulaR1C1 = "=VLOOKUP(RC[17],'\\\igt\TEAMS\ TOOL_ADMIN\###IAT...
  17. D

    Excel crashing on Copy / Paste

    Hello All, A workbook I developed is crashing on a vanilla copy/paste. At bit of background: * No VBA * Issue happens whether I use toolbar or shortcut keys * I have tried: (i) copying to another workbook; (ii) removing conditional formatting; (iii) unhiding and ungrouping rows and columns...
  18. F

    Excel 2013 Locking Up When Trying To _Print

    Hey all, I have this strange issue with some of my Excel files. Whenever I try to print from excel, it will lock up when selecting the "Print" section under "File." Once it's at the printer settings, it will say "Looking for printers" at the printer selection menu and the entire excel sheet...
  19. C

    Excel no longer likes filters

    This is kind of a vague question. I have been using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for however long. This is a work computer and updated and patched regularly. As of a couple of weeks ago, Excel will stop responding probably 60% of the time if I try to use a filter. Even on small...
  20. G

    Why does Excel keep crashing when I click on "Apply borders to this selection" icon

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks for your thoughts.

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