1. L

    Count Dates in a cell

    hi everyone. i have a cell that has multiple dates in column A. i need a formula that count produce a count of the number of days in column B. See Example below. thank you! <tbody> A B 1 09/10/19, 09/11/19, 09/12/19 3 2 09/14/19 1 </tbody>
  2. M

    COUNTIFS - Is this correct?

    Hi all, Hope you can help. Think i'm doing this correct but isn't working i think because of dates. My table is A2 to P5000. I was using =COUNTIFS(E:E,T3,P:P,1) Column E:E is dates during the year, Column P:P is number of days which is a calculation between order recieve and order due. T3 is...
  3. C

    If and formula with dates

    Hi I have the following =IF(AND(SUM(H64:H65)>20000,H7<I7),0,A3) where H7 and I7 are dates, and H7 is earlier then I7 Whichever way around I put the "<" or ">", the formula never returns zero, always returns the value in cell A3. If i put = H7<I7 into a different cell it returns FALSE for one...
  4. U

    Help with Pulling in List to copy Dates

    I have a set number of dates that I need to forecast. Some of the months I have dont always have a Forecast but I want to be able to at least post a 0 still in that date. What I need is to be able to use a list of parts IE 301080.01 301081.01 301082.01 301083.01 Etc ( this parts will be...
  5. P

    Merge Empty Cells with a cell with a date

    I am trying to merge 5 columns together where only one column will have a date in (dd-mm-yyy) and the other 4 will be blank. The column that contains the date is random and changes as you go down the spreadsheet. Can anyone shine a light on a formula that KEEPS FORMATTING of the date when the...
  6. danhendo888

    Cannot see individual dates in Pivot Table (gets grouped to months automatically)!AvjBsEPEq12ngUXYnGLP8pykEIRq?e=f3gY9X How do I make this pivot table show the dates instead of grouping automatically to year and months? I tried the Alt + D + P option, but doesn't work there as well.
  7. J

    How to identify the date of the next consecutive Saturday when working with a range of dates.

    Hello, I'm building a workbook to help me find the date of the next available Saturday within a range of dates. <tbody> Start Date End Date Next Saturday 14-Oct 23-Oct 26-Oct </tbody> What sort of formula can I use to determine the date of the following Saturday after the "End Date"...
  8. A

    Dates Before 1900 Formula

    I have the formula below that each part works on its own but when I put it all together I keep getting a message about too manny arguments. I googled everthing I could find and nothing works for what I am trying to do. All the formulas I have found do work on Window Excel but not Mac excel. I...
  9. B

    Vlookup formula for returning dates

    I am trying to use the vlookup formula to return dates, but it just comes up with an N/A error. I am using the formula: =VLOOKUP(A10,Master!$G:$M,3,FALSE). Am I doing this wrong??
  10. B

    Count number of months per year between two dates

    So I'm having trouble coming up with a formula to be able to count the number of months between two given dates and break it down by year. So if the dates are from (11/2018 until 8/2019) I would like it to break it down to 2 months for 2018 and 8 months for 2019. But I have a range of dates...
  11. J

    Separate Dates With Blank, Unformatted Row

    I have attached links to two spreadsheets: "Before" and "After." Here is what I am trying to do to "Before" so it ends up looking like "After." Separate dates as follows: if today is 9/16/19, I need the spreadsheet to only show 9/16, 9/17, and 9/18, removing all other rows of data and...
  12. C

    Date data validation formula

    I have a basic spreadsheet where staff enter details of events they're planning, it's in a set format so the date of event goes in a specific row. Even with only 4 events per month there's an issue with people not checking and trying to schedule them too close together. I've been asked to...
  13. C

    Power Pivot Date Join

    I have 3 tables, One is a workorder table that has the due date of some 300 workorders (obviously dates are repeated) Second table is a supervisor table for dates that supervisors worked (again repeated dates) Third table is a calendar table I created through PowerPivot I am trying to merge...
  14. B

    IF function giving error... do i need to add AND function as well?!

    Good Morning All, Having issues with my IF function formula, and i'm sure its user error. For the life of me, can't figure out what issue is and how to resolve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On my sheet, i'm trying to compare orig dates (Column A) vs actual dates (Column B); easy...
  15. C

    DAX formula or PowerPivot connection?

    I have two tables one that shows all of my work order data and a column called due dates that a user manually updates to assign due dates to a given work order. I have another table called supervisor that has dates that supervisors worked, and any comments they may have added to the table...
  16. R

    IFBLANK Formula Issue

    I am trying to troubleshoot the following formula =IF(ISBLANK($J4), SUM($K4+30), SUM($J4+30)) where J4 & K4 are date fields. When a date is is not entered in either J4 or K4, this formula displays dates based on the year 1900. How do I fix this to show a blank cell? Thank you in advance. Roy
  17. R

    Countifs or sumproducts with date in Power Pivot

    Hi All, How can I do Countifs or Sumproduct of dates in dax/power pivot? I have multiple columns with 2 dates columns. I need to count the rows that meets the 2 dates criteria of status. Criteria and objective: Count the rows if reported date is before status date; and other criteria is the...
  18. M

    date conversion

    Excel 2007 Column A contains dates in dd-mm-yy format. How to convert the dates into dd-mm-yyyy format? Example: 28-02-09 to 28-02-2009 Thanks
  19. B

    dates arent working properly

    I have a number of dates in col A. If I copy the cell and paste value I get a number like 43566, which I'd expect. But if I write a formula in col B such as =datevalue(A1) I get a #VALUE ! error. Can anyone advise why this might be happening and if I can fix it?
  20. B

    how to automatically apply filters within a date range

    I have to keep changing my filters with various date ranges and it's a real pain having to keep checking 20 boxes out of a thousand every time I want to change the range. Is there a way I can specify the dates I want to filter in, say, A1 and A2 (start and end range) and I see the new filtered...

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