1. G

    Making certain columns contain bold texts dynamically

    Hello there, I am a new member in this forum (just joined now). I am in my Excel learning journey and I hope that I can make contributions to this forum soon i.e., hoping to be active. Greetings aside, here is my problem. I wish to make a row of dates (not in columns which is usually the case)...
  2. B

    Average, Large, Date Range question

    Hello, I am calculating a weekly score for number of steps performed. I'm taking the top 5 days out of the 7 days in a week using this: =AVERAGE(LARGE($B$2:$B$8,{1,2,3,4,5})) The NO HOLIDAYS table in my spreadsheet is working perfectly. The HOLIDAYS table is just a copy of that table which...
  3. D

    Conditional Formatting with date not working

    I am trying to do away with column B on my spreadsheet by using conditional formatting to highlight column C. Currently I visually check the dates in column B to be prior to today to determine which budgets need to be actioned. I though I had the conditional formula right but nothing happens...
  4. N

    Amount of Days Between Two Dates But for Alternate Days

    Hello All, I hope everyone is keeping healthy & happy! Just a quick question. I have a userform that contains four textboxes; 1x start date, 1x end date, 1x Alternate Day number & 1x result. A user enters a starting and ending date, eg "01/oct/2020" and an end date "04/jan/2021". In the...
  5. A

    Find days between two dates

    Dear All, I am looking for a simple formula, which will display the number of days in a year. Kindly help me. Name DOJ EOS 2013 2014 2015 Employee 1 01-01-13 08-08-15 364 364 220 Employee 2 05-04-14 31-05-16 270 364 Employee 3 15-02-14 16-04-15 319 106
  6. M

    Matching dates along with a lookup

    Hi all! I'm having some issues getting this to work (im a newbie) Im using a xlookup to look up someones name and return a daily stat - however the 2 sheets im using both have dates attached, is it possible for the lookup to return "the name with the stat if the date matches ? not sure how...
  7. M

    Is this possible to do?

    Hi Folks! Not sure if this is even possible to do (I'm a rookie) - please ignore the #Name i know the formula as is works its just because i have saved it on another PC on a old version of excel to send this and i had to change the names for privacy reasons. so basically i have 2 tables the...
  8. IIII

    Return week number within specified date ranges.

    Hi All -- I am just looking for some help on the following issue -: I am trying to find a way where, I can return the week number, within a specified date range, based off an entered date. In the example below, if I enter a date in column E, column F will return the Period for which that date...
  9. M

    Find earliest date of year in list

    Hello! I've got a list of dates that span across multiple years. Is there a formula I can use to find the earliest date available in each year? E.g. from the dates below I would want the formula to return 06/01/2021, 30/03/2020 and 10/05/2019 Dates 15/01/2021 08/01/2021 07/01/2021...
  10. P

    Conditional Formatting Based on Date Column

    Good Morning and Happy (belated) New Year Team Mr. Excel. I am trying to figure out how to do conditional formatting on my spreadsheet. (Excerpt below in a XL2BB format) My goal is to grey-out (for lack of a better term) any rows where the date (Column A) is in the future. The table includes...
  11. P

    Date calculations - Adding months.

    I am working on a tracking spreadsheet to manage my time and leave. Since I get leave increments credited to my profile at the end of the month I was trying to figure out how to add one month to the date in the cell above. I saw the instructions on Microsoft's website suggesting the use of the...
  12. B

    Dynamic Dates on Chart

    Hey everyone, I have a fixed table with dates (x-axis on desired chart) that go for several years into the future, but data (y-axis) that only goes a few months. This will be a working file where new data is added each month. I'd like an area chart to show the data across the dates that have...
  13. A

    Need macro that Populates usage end date in column T

    Dear All, Please see below image, i have this job i need to do this manually everyday, if this can be automated it makes my life easier. I need macro that Populates usage end date in column T i hope i made instructions clear in Image, if anything more reuired please ask. Many Thanks for your...
  14. J

    Dates Using IF function?

    Hi First time posting so please be gentle :) I have a set two sets of dates one in column E (Target Date) and one in O (Actual Finish Date) The sheet I have inherited uses the below formula: =IF(O2="",IF(E2>NOW(),"OPEN","OVERDUE"),IF(O2>E2,"FAIL","PASS")) What I need the new formula to do...
  15. H

    Check whether two dates fall between two other dates

    Hi - I am checking if any projects at work fall between a change freeze - either their start or end date. There are a few scenarios - projects starting within the period and then going several months ahead, projects starting before and finishing during the project - but essentially each...
  16. claybwagner28

    Multiple Conditional Formatting Rules Based on Today’s Date

    I feel embarrassed to ask this question but I have searched for a solution and can’t find the solution. I have several dates in Column H. I want to format cells that have dates than are 365 days or older Red. I want similar formats for cells that are between 365 days and 180 days Orange I want...
  17. lynxbci

    Consecutive days for non Consecutive rows

    Hi, Consider this table of employees off sick. Person A has had several periods of time off, and they happen to be all consecutive, totalling 158 days. I am struggling for a formula/Method to return the number of consecutive days Person A has had off?? Person Off Date Back Date Days Off...
  18. T

    Auto Sort Birthdates

    Hello I am hoping someone may be able to help me. I have a list of birthdates and in my job, I have to purchase gifts for everyone's birthday. Ideally, I like to do this 3 weeks before the birthday comes up to give me time to buy the gift and get it sent to them in good time. It would help me...
  19. M

    Formula to calculate certain dates that will populate rows as separate lines

    Hi everyone. I am hoping someone can explain a solution for me in layman's terms please! I am not great with complex formulas. In my original sheet I have the following data as an example: This can be interpreted as Test Employee needs to attend 123 Example Street every Tuesday and Thursday...
  20. R

    Count Unique Dates With Two Criteria (with Photos)

    Hello All! I'm trying to create a formula that counts the number of unique dates with two criteria. I've actually searched within this forum and found a similar question, however because it was case-specific and the conditions differ to mine, the same cannot be applied to mine. The one with 2...

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