1. M

    Counting unique values by date condition and another criteria

    Hello, I have looked all over but I don't seem to find an answer to my particular question. I am trying to count unique client id values by month and by another criteria, in this case gender. Client ID Date Gender 1121 7/1/21 Male 1147 7/5/121 Female 1121 7/16/21 Male 7865 8/2/21...
  2. Ferreira1456

    Dates with condition using userForm textBox in VBA

    Hello everybody, can you help me? If I delete the value of txtPrazoPagamento or the value of txtDateVencimento. I get this message: Run-time '13' Type mismatch Private Sub txtDataVencimento_Change() If CDate(txtDataHoje) > CDate(txtDataVencimento) Then txtAtraso.Value = Abs(DateDiff("d"...
  3. F

    Count (countifs) norm exceedances with variable dates and variable norms formula or VBA

    Hey everyone, I have substance measurement data from water quality checks. The data is listed in a table starting with the date (dd/mm/yyyy). Above the table are the norms. The variable norms are in green. Those norms are generated on a second tab, and change (sort of) weekly. I need to...
  4. U

    VBA pop-up message box for dates

    I am have a spreadsheet that I would like to get a pop-up msg box on upcoming expiration dates upon opening the workbook . My spreadsheet is like this: Column A - Driver Name Column F-I - Have various different expiration dates Sseveral columns beyond, with other driver information I am trying...
  5. AWM21

    Is there a better replacement for this formula?

    Hello, I'm betting there is a better way to run this formula that references a block of dates by month, and returns the table rows based on the short date related to the selected month. In the example below, I have a dynamic array showcasing the rows of data from a table based on the month...
  6. bradjsteve88

    Clear formula to track invoice status

    I am trying to get a formula like the below that works backwards through a table, i.e. IF N6 contains date="Paid", if false check M6, IF M6 contains date = "Invoiced" and so on. =IF(N6>0,"Paid"), IF(M6>0,"Invoiced") IF(L6>0,"Accepted") IF(I6>0,"Submitted")
  7. J

    Day calendar referencing array with duplicates

    Any help would be appreciated. I have a dynamic table of dates. Each column references entire production cycles and each row the cycle stages, with the top row being the start and the bottom the end. I am trying to create a "day calendar" on new sheet with the first column listing every day from...
  8. T

    Dynamic Schedule Of Dates

    I work for a small company who manufactures kitchens in Oxfordshire. We work on the basis of being able to make 9 kitchen units per day, 4 days a week - so a kitchen that has a total of 27 units would take 3 days to complete. As there are many external factors that can delay or bring...
  9. aba1csims

    Need a VBA script to pull most recent training dates

    Hello! I need a VBA script to find/match an employee with a training course completion date. Here are the circumstances that elevate this past vlookup: Employee last names - different employees share a last name Courses are duplicated - 1 single employee has taken a course multiple times...
  10. T

    Auto Fill Financial Periods from given start and end date

    I'm trying to auto fill given financial periods based on start and end dates of agreements, this will then allow me to prorata the contract value. Contract Period A1 Start: 15/02/2020 A2 End: 14/02/2022 Auto Fill = A3 FY19/20 Start = 01/02/2020 A4 FY19/20 End = 31/03/2020 A5...
  11. V

    VBA Code to automatically fill dates horizontally (not to last column)

    Hello everyone! This is my very first post on but I've been a site regular for many months now. You guys rock! I always find a thread of someone having the same doubt as myself, but I now have a somewhat specific query: I have a data sheet that is updated monthly where monthly...
  12. D

    Add occurrences of same month data

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that looks something like this. Id like to be able to add together the date occurrences by month in VBA (so add all the dates from January to show how many January entries there have been). But also add them together based by their category. So the output from...
  13. B

    Providing dynamic date range to PowerQuery

    I have been looking for a while now, and while I've gotten close, I haven't found that cigar. I have a PowerQuery gathering transactions from multiple worksheets in a file, and I'd like to be able to filter to get only those transactions with dates between a StartDate and an EndDate. I've gone...
  14. G

    Comparing Day of Week with Date from Previous Years

    Good day, I'm having a struggle trying to figure out how to do something regarding DOW and Dates. For example, in the dataset I have Sunday, August 1s 2021 has the number 100 and I want to compare that against the first Sunday in August 2019, not against the 1st (date) itself because that is a...
  15. M

    Count days from date range

    I have a list of time off requests that are listed as date ranges (ie. 6/7/21 - 6/10/21 ) and I need to make a count of how many days off are requested for each date, ideally without having to manually input each date between the date ranges. So i want to be able to input 6/7/21 - 6/10/21...
  16. J

    Vlookup not working with dragged down dates!

    Hey guys. I will try and explain this in as much detail as I can and hope you understand! So effectively i have a data set of around 370,000 rows of data, one row (price) for every minute of the year. However, there are many minutes that are missing and thus i need to flag them as missing by...
  17. S

    Possibly an =IF statement??

    Hi, I am hoping someone could assist me please. I am helping someone with a spreadsheet and they are wanting to flag dates at various stages. Essentially they are looking for two queries; - When 10 business days have passed column P (Closing date), column W (Selection Report finalised) will...
  18. G

    Making certain columns contain bold texts dynamically

    Hello there, I am a new member in this forum (just joined now). I am in my Excel learning journey and I hope that I can make contributions to this forum soon i.e., hoping to be active. Greetings aside, here is my problem. I wish to make a row of dates (not in columns which is usually the case)...
  19. B

    Average, Large, Date Range question

    Hello, I am calculating a weekly score for number of steps performed. I'm taking the top 5 days out of the 7 days in a week using this: =AVERAGE(LARGE($B$2:$B$8,{1,2,3,4,5})) The NO HOLIDAYS table in my spreadsheet is working perfectly. The HOLIDAYS table is just a copy of that table which...
  20. D

    Conditional Formatting with date not working

    I am trying to do away with column B on my spreadsheet by using conditional formatting to highlight column C. Currently I visually check the dates in column B to be prior to today to determine which budgets need to be actioned. I though I had the conditional formula right but nothing happens...
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