1. G

    FIlter specific dates from a table.

    hi, i have a dates table. (eg. below). I would like to use a query to filter only the last date for the Financial Year ending March 31, and the latest date available. (i.e the yellow shaded ones in table below). would appreciate any help here. thanks in advance.
  2. E

    Allocate costs by Week

    Large dataset with varying Start and End Dates. The Week Numbers need to fall in financial year (01/04/2023 - 31/03/2023). 01/04/2023 needs to be Week 1, 10/04/2023 is Week 2 and so forth with possible carry over into the new year. Using the Start and End Date, allocate the weekly cost to the...
  3. D

    Highlight cell if date has passed

    I know this seems simple but I've been researching this for a few hours and I'm come up blank. I'm looking to do the following two things with conditional formatting. I need a cell in Row B to go RED if the planned end date has passed and YELLOW if the planned end date is within 14 days of the...
  4. G

    Parse dates into comma delimit values

    Greetings Excel Community, I have a set of data and i am wondering if there is code or formula that can be created to parse these values into comma delimited dates. The dates are combined together to make it look as a long string, however i am attempting to create the end result under the...
  5. I

    VBA- Check if date cells in column are between 17:00 from previous day to 17:00 current day and clear contents if they are not in between the time

    Hi, how would I clear the cell contents which are formatted as dates in a column if the dates do not fall in between 17:00 from yesterday to 17:00 on the current day? Using VBA. Thank you in advance!
  6. B

    Index Match with zeros and duplicate data.

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to review my question. I must be missing something simple but for whatever reason I am missing something. In "Tab A" I have a list of "A" names, "B" dates and "C" total hours, In "Tab B" I have "A9:A39" each date of the selected month, "A1" the name I want to...
  7. P

    What would be best formula to use to extract data based on dates with a criteria?

    I have an excel where I need to pull in the total hours for a date range (always start on Monday) in my excel tab called 'Dashboard'. I'll be getting the data from the tab 'Budget' but I only want to pull in the number based on the QuickBooks Code I've identified on B1. So AH3 will equal to...
  8. D

    Power BI timeline with milestones

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone is able to help me out to create a visual that would look like this below (I found a topic somewhere else with same request I need today. couldn't find answers about it so I come here to check if there's luck Power BI Stacked Bar as Timeline with Milestones)...
  9. S

    IF Statements for Dates with VLOOKUP and Concatenate

    I am still a newbie to most Excel functions. I have created a workbook with IF Statements, VLOOKUPs, Concatenates, and VBA Codes. However, due to an annual rate increase, I need to create a complex IF Statement for just this month and I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. Currently...
  10. R

    COUNTIFS and Dates

    Here is the problem: I have a required complete date of 5/31/2023 (LINE 15) but I was not able to complete that until 6/6/2023 I would like a count of how many projects missed the deadline. ABCD1SubmitComplete ByAct. Complete DateDAYS...
  11. G

    Combine Dates with one UniqueID

    Greetings Excel community, I have a set of ID's and dates which are associated to these ID's. The ID's are repeated but there are numerous dates associated with its respective ID. What I am attempting to accomplish is combining all the dates associated with the specific ID. For example, ID 123...
  12. R

    VBA Userform Loop through Due Date textboxes.

    Hello - I am trying to loop 17 textboxes after a user needs to edit the record and update the Due Date in txtDueDate1. The screen shot below shows some textboxes in grey because they are default values when the userform is launched. I read many threads and watch videos on looping through...
  13. T

    VBA - Problem with Coding controls for values based on Dates

    Hi, This is my first VBA project and I am preparing some sort of timesheet to be used in my workplace. By extensive research, time committed and effort, I managed to do lots of things in my excel file such as only allowing data entry to "database" sheet via Userform, distinguish users by...
  14. D

    Pivot Table - Sorting MMM-YY

    Hi, I have a table in the following format: DateInserted IdentityNumber TeamName MMYY 21/12/2022 0101040504 Team A Dec-22 10/05/2022 0101590849 Team A May-22 07/06/2022 0101632916 Team A Jun-22 06/06/2022 0101750412 Team Z Jun-22 25/10/2022 0101770383 Team B Oct-22 22/12/2022...
  15. A

    Comparing two lists of date ranges based on name

    I am trying to organise an on call roster where an individual is selected for a seven day period. This is in a table with name - start date - end date of when they are 'on call'. In a second sheet, I want a second table where people input the dates they are unavailable to be on call due to...
  16. N

    Countifs -> Dates in 2 cells are equal & before time

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to count the amount of times 2 different cells have the same date and also the times in a 3rd cell need to match and the 4th cell need to be before/after a certain time. In my formula I've only managed to put in the times, so if the date is incorrect it will be counted...
  17. R

    Expand array of dates based on 2 criteria (VBA)

    Hi I have a counter with a minimum value of 17. As long as this value is not reached, then extra dates should be added to an array of dates. The extra dates should be workdays: if for example 2 extra dates are needed to reach the 17 value, but the 24th of December is not a workday, yet 23rd and...
  18. A

    Retrieving days per month that tanks are empty using filling and emptying dates

    Hi everyone. First post here, so please let me know if anything is not according to the guidelines. This is a snippet from a table in which data is collected from the brewery I work at (not all columns are depicted): batch # tank numberbrew dateempty...
  19. D

    Create column of all dates in a month (Power Query)

    = Table.AddColumn(Source, "Custom", each {Date.From(Date.StartOfMonth)..(Date.EndOfMonth)}) I am trying to create a custom column but I keep getting this error:
  20. S

    Formula to determine if date is in current fiscal year (fiscal year beginning in Aug)

    Hi all, I found formulas to calculate the fiscal year, but I'm trying to figure out a dynamic formula that will calculate if a date is within the current fiscal year (fiscal year for me starts in August). For example, I would like the result to show the following for these dates...

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