drop down list excel

  1. B

    Drop-down Data Validation List Value (1 specific value in a range) >> Move User to Different Sheet Upon Selection

    Hello, Help, please. I have a form where a user selects from a list of values (referencing my master source list in a different sheet called 'master'). The drop-down is a data validation list. I was hoping to find vba code where a user, using this form selects a very specific value ('No...
  2. D

    Copy & Paste Specific cells from a Row based on Drop-Down List

    I'm VERY new to VBA and have exhausted much searching online to find VBA that matches exacly what I am trying to achieve. I have an "Ordering" sheet and a "Validation" sheet. I want to be able to copy and paste data from Ordering to Validation (next available/empty row) only if the dropdown...
  3. S

    Select Cell though drop down list

    Hello there Excel experts ! I have the following request: I want the user to choose the value that he wants thought a drop down list and then the code (on the same sheet) will find the value and autoscroll and select it ! I have a drop down list that is being populated from a different sheet...
  4. J

    New behavior with Data Validation Drop Down lists in Insider Edition!

    The latest version of the Insider Edition of Excel (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14907.20000 64-bit) has a new behavior for Drop Down lists that I suspect people will LOVE! One can now start typing in the cell with the List, and a Tool Tip style entry from the list that matches what is typed will...
  5. Y

    Dependent drop down list and hide used items

    Hi, I want to make a dependent drop down list but I want to add to it also the ability to hide the used items. I will explain it a little bit: I have a liat of workers and some workers can work only with some workers. For example DAVID FRED TINA SAM Jhon Toni Jhon Tina Sam...
  6. Z

    Multiple Selections from a dropdown list (w/o) VBA

    Hello! I have below table with dummy data and what I need is to: - Choose multiple selections from the drop down list without a VBA, is there any trick for that? if not what is the suitable VBA code/macro that you suggest - When I choose multiple selections, what should I update in my current...
  7. D

    VBA selected drop down list does not update when source changes

    Hi! First time poster;) I have a two-tab budget. First tab is “Monthly Budget”, the second is “Spending Tracker”. Every time I add an expense in the “Spending Tracker”, it updates the “Monthly Budget”. I do this by selecting a category from the drop down list on the “Spending Tracker”. I want...
  8. R

    Vlookup to show drop down list as per Heading selection

    Hi Excel Experts, I am currently working on Excel sheet in order to show drop down list as per heading selection with no blank in drop down list. Please suggest how can i show use drop down list through vlookup or other nested formulas in worksheet. For Example: Fruits (Heading) Apple...
  9. M

    multi item drop down items and non-multi item drop down lists on the same page

    I have multiple cells with drop down lists created using data validation. I would like some of them to have a multi item option and some to be single item choice. The VBA code I am using is applicable to an entire sheet and makes all of the drop downs multi item. Is there a way to specify...
  10. J

    Client Form (Example Image Included)

    I below linked document was originally created in Excel and I added to Google Docs, so I could provide the document for review. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d4zZxBRgSvpN2nsCTJhNO6jdAgSYymBgW8BbkMHydI0/edit?usp=sharing Picture: -- removed inline image ---
  11. D

    How to change date from numbers to words drop down menus

    Hi everyone i am a bit of a novice so sorry if this is easy. I have a group of numbers in a table of spreadsheet. 1. $100 2. $200 3. $300 In the drop-down list in the spreadsheet instead of showing $100, $200, $300 i would like it to say Bronze Silver and Gold. Obviously i still need the...
  12. O

    Creating a dropdown list using OFFSET

    Hi, I've been trying to create a drop down list using the following formula where PROJECTLIST = LISTS!$G$2:$G$71 or G:G (I have tried both) If I just use the PROJECTLIST array for the drop down list it shows everything, if I use the formula below it only returns 47 entries - is there a limit to...
  13. B

    Dropdown menu cell connection help!

    Hi everyone, I have one worksheet that tracks data from other worksheets in excel. The first worksheet is used as a summary of what's going on in the other worksheets. I am trying to connect a cell in the first worksheet to a cell in another worksheet but the cell in the other worksheet...
  14. E

    Creating a Dependent DropList from same List Source (One to One) based on dates

    Is it possible to create a dependent drop list from one source of data? How do I limit selections choice by date constraints? In addition, it filters out the date selection from the first choice and the user can not pick a date going backwards? Creating a market model for senior execs and BOD...
  15. J

    Sum of drop down selections(text) among pages

    Hello, I appreciate any help I can receive on this. 1-I have a drop down list of text. How do I add a numerical value of '1' in order to then sum drop down selections? (if this is a necessary first step) Currently the list starts in A1 and continues down in the A column on a separate page...
  16. N

    Drop Down Selection

    I'm having an issue trying to create a drop down selection for an excel based form. I was hoping to create a drop down list without needing to reference cells; eg. What's your favourite colour? | RedBlue Green Is this possible?
  17. S

    Excel cannot read user input through drop-down list as a Hijri date!

    Respected Members, First of all, I want to thank everyone contributed to this forum. So much I learned for you! Hope you can help me on below issue I searched on the net and here in the forum and found several suggested solutions. Yet, none of it worked for me! When I use function today()...
  18. T

    table w/ drop down lists and multiple formulas

    I have a table with 5 columns and each row is a option A, option B, option C and so on. Each column is a different category with a drop down list of options to choose from. column 6 I want to auto populate an entry based on what is selected in each drop down list in the first 5 columns. I am not...
  19. L

    Fantasy football VB code using drop down list

    Hello, i am working a side project try to organize football stats. i have a drop down list that consists of 12 positions and i have 12 work sheets, each one being a different position. i am trying to get it so that when i would choose a position from the drop and maybe click a "retrieve...
  20. C

    excel 2010 dropdown list to remove

    Hello, I am working in excel 2010 and I would like to create a combobox (list) using the developper ribbon that leverages a list of dates from another tab. I created the combo box and used a named range as the source of dates but I cannot see a way to select unique values only. Is there a...

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