1. D

    needing formula to calculate fulfillment needed per day

    I'm a photographer needing help with determining how many images to edit per day in order to meet a deadline. The columns are as follows: D) Status - The status column indicates where the client currently sits in the workflow, such as "Scheduled", "Edit", "Reveal", etc. F) Due Date - The Due...
  2. K

    changing properties of command button

    many sources mention that when i add a control button from form controls into worksheet and right click on it, there should be option for properties from which i could change font, color , name etc.. but unfortunately when i do right click only options i see are: cut, copy, edit text, grouping...
  3. R

    Project locked???

    I created a file with VBA included. A buddy copied it to use on his network. He needed some fixes so I opened the file and the VBA developer but could not edit the code, it said that the project was locked and unviewable. I've never encountered this before...any idea what would cause this...
  4. J

    Alternative method fo simple function?

    Hi all, i have the below piece of code that i run every 200 milliseconds. It works fine however i am looking for a better, more efficient way of producing the same result. I use AutoHotKey to get information from Excel and quite often i will get a Callee error, i assume this is because Excel is...
  5. B

    "subform datasheet view will only allow me to edit when first opened"

    I have added a subform to the main form so I could have some controls on the main form and the datasheet view on the subform. When I first open the main form I can edit in the subform datasheet without a problem. But if I execute the combo box "cboJobNumber" from the main form to search for a...
  6. J

    Can't Edit Macro From Personal Workbook

    When i try to edit macro it says can't edit macros from a hidden workbook. The workbook in XLStart is not hidden. I've also checked to make sure it's not in the disabled add-ins list. If i click in macros and hit run the macros will run. But i can not edit them to assign a shortcut key.
  7. HomeTek

    Using VBA to go to Source edit in Power Query.

    Evening, I have a few macros that do various thing. Ordinarily I would use the Macro recorder to help me but the macro recorder doesn't work with Queries & Connections. Are you able to tell me what code I would need to put in in order to create a Macro that gets me to the Source option that...
  8. Y

    How to get into that edit mode?

    In edit mode, when one letter is highlighted and left or right arrow key is pressed, usually, no letter is highlighted anymore. However, recently, I highlighted a letter, pressed an arrow key, and the next letter was highlighted. This is quite handy if I need to replace several letters in a...
  9. E

    How to restrict user to stop editting a formula in a cell but can enter any value if required.

    Hello, I am not sure if this is possible but I have a situation, where, few cells have formulas in them. I want the cell to be editable by the user where they can overwrite the formula with other numbers but at the same time I dont want them to give the ability to edit the formula inside the...
  10. C

    Edit/Update listbox and activeworksheet

    Hello. I am new here and am hoping someone can help me. I have a userform (Userform1) which has 2 comboboxes, 4 textboxes, 1 listbox and a few commandbuttons. I have the userform working well except for the edit and update buttons. The edit and update buttons are only for the search part of...
  11. M

    VBA Copy sheets from one Variable sheet to another

    Hello, I'm trying to copy two worksheets from one workbook to another. This seems to be fairly straight forward, but for some reason, I can't seem to accomplish this with a variable sheet name. I have set one of the workbooks to "Report" and the other "Edit" The "Edit" workbook is currently...
  12. U

    Edit every worksheet in a workbook

    Hi Guys, I am trying to run a piece of code in all the sheets in a workbook. However my code is only editing first sheet and then courses through other sheets but does not edit them. PFB the code: Sub Worksheet_Editor() For Each Worksheet In ThisWorkbook.Sheets Cells.Select...
  13. M

    Editing MP3 Tags

    MP3 files have imbedded metadata that I would like to edit. I have between 35K and 40K files that I would like to edit one or two fields in each. I would also like to export to an Excel database a selection of fields: Title, Artist, Comment and so on. I can open each individual file in File...
  14. M

    Moving and locking a Comment Box

    I have a comment box that displays in a very bad position on my Excel 2016 Spreadsheet. Even when I move it under the Edit Comment Function, when I hover over the cell, it still displays in the the comment box in the original position. Is there anyway I can lock the comment box in the location...
  15. countryfan_nt

    VBA to Hide every Excel Ribbon (just cells)

    Hello friends, Hope all is well! Need your help please. I want edit the code below. it supposed to show only excel cells, no ribbons whatsoever. I know there is the manual option of 'auto-hide' ribbon; but I am wondering if it can be done via VBA. Can you pleas help me edit the below codes...
  16. SlinkRN

    Edit an Item in a Listbox

    Hi all, I can't seem to figure this one out by searching. It seems to be such a simple thing! I have a text box that fills a listbox with team names. After the user fills in a bunch of team names, I would like them to be able to click on one of the names in the listbox and edit it. I've tried...
  17. E

    Batch edit connections VBA

    Hi there. I want to edit the connections of the activeworkbook doing something like: Dim oCon For Each oCon In ActiveWorkbook.Connections oCon.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False Next oCon The code above does not works. How can I do that? Thanks! EDIT: Better explain: I want to disable the...
  18. countryfan_nt

    Countif: Not counting FALSE results.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! Really appreciate your support please I have a range K9:K150 I placed the following formula: =IF(AND(COUNTA(A10:E10)>0,C10=""),"FALSE",IF(C10="","",IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(C10,Database!$A$2:$A$24,1,FALSE)=FALSE),FALSE,TRUE))) Now I wish to count the number of...
  19. D

    Locking Certain Cells

    I am trying to lock/protect certain cells so that they can't accidentally be deleted or changed, yet still be able to edit the other cells. I don't want to use a password to unlock the sheet everyday, just if I need to adjust those protected cells. For example, I want B3:B34 to be locked but I...
  20. D

    Editing comments

    Dear All, good morning, I have a spreadsheet and I have added comments. I have - up to now - been able to edit the comments without problem. Today, I have tried to edit the comments but it won't allow me. When I right click / edit comments, the comments box won't open. Could someone advise...

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