file size

  1. S

    Retrieving single cell of data from large external database without increasing file size

    Hi All, I have a large database with 460.478 unique "Postal Codes". I also have a workbook in which I want to fill in one of the "Postal Codes" and as a result get the "Municipality" and "Water Authority" for that specific Postal Code. Right now i have a simple but working solution which is...
  2. P

    Spliting pdf file by Mb size

    Hey friends, I wonder if there is a way to split pdf file through VBA into multiple pdf files so that each part will not be larger than 8Mb Im using PDFtk server to split pdf file by defining the exact rang of pages. It splits the file into multiple files but doesn't take into account the file...
  3. B

    Power Query File Suddenly Exploded to very large file size...why?

    I’ve been using Power Query (2013) to import several Csv files, process them, run a couple of merges and dump the final tables in worksheets in excel None of the files are very large (less than 200 rows). I’m using staging queries to pull in the data and then separate loading queries to output...
  4. M

    File size shrank suddenly?

    I've been periodically saving my database in a separate folder, and I just noticed my database file is now down to about 5kb, down from about 60 MB. What could have happenned? I did not split anything or compact anything, they are both identical as far as I can see.
  5. J

    Massive File Size Increase - Clues on how to correct?

    I have a file which brings a dispatch list (copy/import), and combines the dispatch (jobs & dates) with a file located on the server (descriptions & rates) and shows them on another sheet in my main file (working_dispatch). I recently moved my network files to a shared drive so multiple...
  6. richh

    Last Row is Always Row 1048576

    Hi all, I'm running into an issue that I can't seem to solve. My sheets are going to the absolute last row and are drastically impacting the file size of my workbook. Excel seems to think that my sheet goes to the very last row, even after clearing contents and deleting rows. This is turning a...
  7. A

    Excel File is TOO Big...using Offset Formulas

    Each month I create a report with over 100 summary tabs that are referencing 22 data tabs. All tabs are in the same file. The report works great! It is easily manipulated for all of the one-off requests I receive and the information is well presented and useful to my many customers. My...
  8. J

    Extract file details from folder and subfolders - VBA

    Hi everyone - I found this great code below that extracts the file names for all files in my folder. I was wondering if anyone knows how to also add the: "file path"; "file size"; "last modified date"; and "last modified by". Please let me know if you have any thoughts! Sub Auto_Open()...
  9. T

    Excel 2016 Bug?

    Folks, Without really explaining what I do for a living (not sure its relevent), I wanted to explain both a bug I have been experiencing as well as the typical overall workspace I'm using: First of all, I have Excel 2016 now and I use 'Excel.exe /x' in Windows 10's 'Run' prompt to have open...
  10. A

    Size breakdown of a workbook

    Is it possible to display the size breakdown of what makes up a workbook? For instance a breakdown of how much of a workbook file size is due to the data, or objects, or forms, or formulas, etc. :confused:
  11. B

    Import text function taking significantly longer than usual?

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me with a recent issue involving the import of text data. Excel 2013 Professional Plus 32bit, Windows 7. I have a workbook that I have scripted to import a General Ledger Detail, in CSV format, categorize the data and populate it out to about a dozen...
  12. D

    Small File, Low Performance

    Hello, I have an Excel file that is larger in size than it 'should' be. The file is a simple template that is placed on a network drive and updated by between 2-3 dozen people on a daily basis. It's 14 sheets, but should only have about 20 rows and 10 columns of data per sheet. When the...
  13. P

    Csv file size is too big

    Hi, Help please, i have created a master list of all our products, approx 5,864 lines with 26 columns. I have just added in approx 1200 items and when exported as a CSV file the size is 94mb, the previous version was approx 1.2mb. There are no links to external data sources and there is...
  14. D

    File Size Possible Issue (Downsizing ideas?)

    I have an Excel file (I don't consider it to be too big (88,000 KB) that also references one other data dump file so sometimes caches an extra 42,000 KB. When end-users are using the file and actually in the file, everything runs very quickly; however, I am starting to get complaints on how...
  15. T

    Msgbox to display file size of an active workbook

    Hi Folks: I have seen many version of this, but not this request I was hoping to display the file size of an active workbook within a msgbx. I do care about the size of each worksheet,; I was also hoping to name the path and workbook. Thank you!
  16. B

    Huge file - new suggestions please

    So I have looked through previous threads and tried suggestions but I can't seem to decrease the file size of my Excel 2007 document. I have 4 tabs in one workbook. 2 tabs appear to have normal data ranges (based on the scroll bar size) and the other 2 tabs appear to be huge. In the one tab...
  17. A

    Size of file seems to be preventing macros working

    I have a 3.2MB file, containing lots of formulas. The macros are no longer working (can't be done with available resources...) What can I do? I don't want to delete any of the formulas or macros Thanks
  18. C

    HELP PLEASE: VBA List Folder size and File size, but not include subfolder

    example: i've "A" folder at "D:".. Floder "A" have folder "B", "C", "D", file a-z.. And folder "B", "C", and "D" have a lot of files at each folder.. Can i list just folder "B", "C", "D", and file a-z; without file in folder "B", "C" and "D"? I want name folder/file and the size.. THANKS>>>
  19. P

    DSUM referencing an external file causes file size to increase massively

    Hi, I am analyzing a large amount of data for a project, and so I am attempting to use the Database functions within Excel to speed up the analysis. However, after I set up the first set of DSUM equations, my file size jumped from ~50k to ~40MB! Any help would be much appreciated. Here are...
  20. Panos

    file size

    Hello, I work on a file (xls) with approx size 7 mb. My problem is that this file was 4.5 but after something unknown I add, the file jumped to 7mb. It is strange that when save the file and exit, it is 7 mb but if I open again, save on the main worksheet and exit without doing something else...

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